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Simplify Your Search for Canadian Business Funding.

Match your projects into the right funding programs at each stage of your business growth. Activate alerts to stay informed about new opportunities. Built for high-growth SMEs, and companies looking to scale, Fundingportal streamlines your path to government grants, tax credits, and business incentive programs.

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Fundingportal Growth™

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Access 4,600+ federal, provincial, and municipal programs offering billions in funding. Rapidly identify the right incentives and investments for your projects.

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Fundingportal Growth™

Apply for Funding

Build connections with funders and government agencies, or request a project review from the experienced Mentor Works team, who can guide you through the funding application process, from concept to submission. Empower your team with a funding solution, with built in requests for support services on qualified projects.

Fundingportal Growth™

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Stay informed and competitive with daily or weekly email alerts tailored to your industry sector, region, and subscription level. Take quick action on newly announced funding to stack your wins as you hit new milestones.

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