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Toronto Climathon Seeks Reduction in Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are the leading cause of climate change, however many people have misguided perceptions about where these pollutants come from. Considerable blame is placed on businesses, (industrial companies particularly) but there are other sources of pollution that must be addressed too.
Cities contribute more than 66% of global

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IBM Innovation Incubator (i3) Fosters Tech Development in Ontario

Ontario small and mid-sized technology companies often face technical challenges when developing innovative products and services. In order to develop innovative technologies, businesses must have access to high performance computing equipment and other resources that enable creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

To harness the power of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), post-secondary

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Will 2016 be the Year of Big Data Analytics?

Massive amounts of high-quality data enables businesses to make calculated decisions that fuel competitiveness, profitability, and success. In a landscape where owners and executives need to be agile and definitive with their decision making, being able to gather and process big data provides a critical advantage over competitors. Big data

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