MacKenzie Collings

Consultant, Government Grants

Interested in government funding?

MacKenzie (Mac) Collings is a Consultant, Government Grants at Mentor Works. Mac is passionate about good governance and utilizes his experience working in the federal government to assist small businesses in accessing government funding. Graduating in 2021 with an undergraduate degree in Political Science – Canadian Government, Mac began his career in government communications and community outreach with a Member of Parliament. Mac is eager to continue building connections with clients and community stakeholders while learning more about Canada’s business sector.

The only failures are those who fail to try.

– The Right Honourable Lester. B. Pearson, P.C., O.M., O.C., O.B.E.

Mac spends his time volunteering for changemakers, organizing to engage his neighbours and community. Growing up in Barrie, studying in Ottawa, living in Toronto and working in Mississauga, Mac enjoys finding the local hidden gems all over Ontario with his friends and family.