Rohit Nanda

Administrative Assistant, Government Grants

Interested in government funding?

Rohit Nanda is from a business family and has always desired to work in the foundation of management and improve his ability to have an adequate career for his future. His schooling laid the foundation for strong academics in his life. He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration in Ahmedabad, India in 2017. Rohit Nanda then enrolled in Fleming College where he pursued Global Business Management and successfully completed it in 2020. Prior to joining Ryan, he worked in a few organizations as an Operations Specialist and as a Customer Service Representative. He enjoys communicating with people and being organized which suits his role here at Ryan.

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Marina Abramović

He is currently living in York, Ontario, and he loves staying in the city. In his spare time, he enjoys going to parks and cafes, taking his camera and capturing little moments of everything he can. Also, he is a professional dancer, and he tries to engage himself in the field of art in one way or another.