Suraqa Noor

Consultant, Government Grants

Interested in government funding?

Born and raised in a developing country, Suraqa has a keen interest for economic development and hopes to help businesses grow. Suraqa graduated from the University of Toronto in 2022 with a Specialist in Political Science and a minor in Environmental Policy. Her interest in government policy stems from her work as a Research Assistant during the Federal Election. Being an international student, she has been a student advocate at the student union and has worked with administration to create equitable university policies. Suraqa brings her research, writing, and communication skills to the government grants team to effectively respond to a client’s needs.

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.

Toni Morrison

Suraqa currently volunteers at WUSC, where she helps refugee students adjust to life in Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys binge-watching new TV shows, reading any book she can find by her favorite author, and exploring parks in Toronto.