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Mentor Works makes business funding grants and loans more accessible to companies across Canada. Our team of Canadian Government Funding Planners help businesses discover, evaluate, and leverage grants to accelerate their growth plan. As part of our mission to educate businesses on government funding, Mentor Works has created a variety of funding resources for each stage of your business’ strategic planning efforts.

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Create a Strategic Growth Plan

Industry-Academic Collaborative Research Project Guide Collaborative Research Project Guide (White Paper): Many businesses are unaware of the impact that partnering with a college or university can have on their innovation capacity. Instead of seeking external support, most Canadian firms opt to keep R&D activities internally-focused. While this can provide some benefit to projects, it prevents innovative projects from reaching their full potential. This white paper helps explain the differences between researching with colleges and universities, and illustrates the process from start to finish. Download the Collaborative Research Project Guide.
Lean Manufacturing Guide for Canadian Businesses Lean Manufacturing Guide (White Paper): For over 50 years, Lean Six Sigma has been increasing in popularity among businesses because of its proven benefits on profitability and competitiveness. This white paper helps business leaders to gain an understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts and think critically about how they can be incorporated into current processes. Download the Lean Manufacturing Guide.
Expanding Manufacturing Production in Canada Expanding Manufacturing Production (Slide Deck): There are several expansion options available to Canadian manufacturers scaling their operations. This resource helps project managers and other key decision makers understand a full range of expansion projects, including key tips for hiring new employees, training new and existing employees, purchasing property, plant, and equipment, developing new properties, and financing expansion through cash flow, government loans, venture capital (VC) and government funding. Download the Expanding Manufacturing Production slide deck.
Technology and Innovation Trends in the Canadian Automotive Industry Automotive Sector Trends (White Paper): Canada’s automotive sector must be proactive in responding to global trends. As consumers become increasingly interested in having smart and energy-efficient vehicles, manufacturers need to begin offering new products and services to fit these needs. This white paper provides insight on the top trends driving change in Canada’s automotive sector, including electric vehicles, connected driving, autonomous vehicles, and shared mobility. Download the Automotive Sector Trends white paper.
How to Recruit Top Talent (Slide Deck): Recruiting top talent starts with how businesses find and attract qualified candidates. When posting job opportunities online, it can be difficult to find the right platform to reach ideal employees. Understand which Canadian job boards will produce the best employees for your small business and begin building a team of all-star talent. Download the How to Recruit Top Talent slide deck.
Canadian Business Guide to Export Expansion Canadian Guide to Export Expansion (White Paper): This comprehensive white paper helps businesses evaluate new export markets and scale their expansion efforts, including socio-economic & trade statistics, export market data analytics, export trade show resources, export tools & resources, export news & publications, and financing options. Download the Canadian Guide to Export Expansion white paper.


Learn About Government Funding

 Types of Canadian Government Funding Programs Types of Government Funding (Slide Deck): Determine the different types of funding available to Canadian businesses. Grants, loans, tax credits, incentives, and vouchers are all available and each have their own advantages and limitations. Download the Types of Government Funding slide deck.
IRAP vs SRED Funding for Research Grants and Incentives IRAP vs. SR&ED (Slide Deck): When performing research projects that involve technical risk or uncertainty, Canadian innovators should use government funding programs. This resource provides a detailed analysis of Canada’s two most popular funding programs for supporting innovative research projects, the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) grant and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit. Download the IRAP vs. SR&ED slide deck.
Canadian Business Funding Guide for Grants Loans and Tax Incentives Canadian Business Funding Guide (White Paper): Businesses can explore the types of funding, funding sources, timelines, and how to prepare a funding application in this white paper. Read the Canadian Business Funding Guide.
 Canadian Business Funding Cycle Government Funding Cycle (Infographic): An infographic that dives into the cyclicity and themes of Canadian government funding to help your business become aligned with the timing and critical elements needed to be successful with grants and repayable funding. Access the Government Funding Cycle infographic.
 Government Funding for Training: Greenfield Global Funding Success: Employee Training (Infographic): Since first accessing government funding several years ago, has become an advocate for their use. This infographic demonstrates how they’ve used training grants to develop a more skilled workforce. Access the Funding Success: Employee Training infographic.
 Chudleighs-Government-Funding-Success Funding Success: Business Investment (Infographic): Milton, Ontario food producer and processor, Chudleigh’s Ltd. has been the recipient of several government grant funding programs. Explore their funding success. Access the Funding Success: Business Investment infographic.


Develop a Proactive Funding Plan™​

 How to Build a Canadian Government Funding Plan Build a Government Funding Plan (Slide Deck): Gain an inside perspective on the components of a strong government funding plan, and how to create one. This resource will reveal a three-step process to plan for, and incorporate, government funding for a greater number of strategic projects. Download the Build a Government Funding Plan slide deck.
Navigating the Canadian Government Funding Process Navigating the Government Funding Process (Slide Deck): Ready to apply for funding, but not sure the best option for researching, writing, and submitting your application? This resource looks at the top five methods of developing a successful application, from in-house application to receiving comprehensive support. Download the Navigating the Government Funding Process slide deck.
 When to Apply for Canadian Government Funding Programs When to Apply for Government Funding (Slide Deck): Learn how to use Canadian government funding as part of a comprehensive business funding strategy. Understand when to apply for government funding to receive more grants, loans, and tax incentives for strategic projects. Download the When to Apply for Government Funding slide deck.
Canadian Government Funding and Small Business Grants Calculator Government Funding Calculator (Template): Identify Canadian government grants and loans tailored towards your specific project budget. Learn the value of government business grants for your strategic initiatives. Download the Government Funding Calculator template.


Receive Funding Updates & Advice

Canadian government funding newsletter Government Funding Snapshot (Newsletter): This weekly newsletter will bring the top Canadian small business funding news directly to your inbox. Sign up via the registration form and we’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on critical funding and business news. Register for government funding news.
 Canadian Small Business Funding Events Small Business Funding Events: Mentor Works offers workshops and webinars on Canadian government funding for various industries and strategic initiatives. Past industry events have focused on funding for manufacturers, software firms, agri-businesses, automotive, and aerospace, while strategic initiative based events focused on areas such as business expansion, exporting, innovation, hiring/training, and technology adoption. Browse our list of upcoming funding events to find one relevant to your business and upcoming initiatives. Register for government funding events.
Find Hiring Grants for Business Wage Subsidy Identifier: If your business is currently recruiting new employees, hiring grants exist that could be relevant to these positions. A wide range of wage subsidies are available to Canadian businesses, covering a percentage of the new employee’s hourly wage rate or a set hourly subsidy dollar amount. Funding exists specifically for youth, post-secondary graduates, and veteran export management hires, however availability of these programs is subject to change throughout the year. Let us know what positions your are looking to hire and we can identify the hiring grants available. Please note the candidate cannot yet be on payroll. Contact Mentor Works with the Wage Subsidy Identifier.


Grow a Startup Business

Startup Funding Grants Checklist Startup Funding Checklist: Startups can follow these key action items to position themselves for sustainable long-term growth and funding options for established businesses. Download the Startup Funding Checklist.
 Canadian Government Funding Insider Funding Insider Membership: Startups and service-based businesses in Canada will notice that the majority of funding for Canadian businesses due not cater to them. However, Mentor Works has created a membership program specifically for startups and service-based SME’s that includes a white paper on funding opportunities and resources, a customized webinar, and periodic updates on suitable funding, financing, business resources, and award opportunities. It’s a one-time fee to register for access to the white paper, webinar, and unlimited updates. Become a Government Funding Insider.