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*All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

Please Note: Seating preference is given to business owners and executives. Professional advisers are asked to bring a business client to attend.

*Webinar slides are not shared after the presentation*

As Canadian government funding educators, Mentor Works strives to help business owners and executives learn about their potential for grants and loans. During our webinars and events, we’ll help you understand the government funding landscape and build a plan to tap into these incentives. Use our team’s expertise in 75+ of Canada’s top business funding programs to find an incentive that supports your business’ growth.

Browse the following webinars and live events to discover how to scale your business with government funding.

With considerable experience in consulting businesses and developing government funding plans, we can help your company access government incentives. Please join us for one of the events listed below to learn about government funding programs and explore how Mentor Works can support the process.

Funding Events to Help Small Businesses Select and Access Canadian Government Grants

Wherever your Canadian business is located, there are Canadian government funding opportunities that we can help you learn more about. This includes government grants for small business, as well as low interest loans for small-medium size business owners. Eastern Ontario small businesses, Northern Ontario businesses, Southern Ontario small businesses, Toronto and GTA small businesses, Atlantic Canadian businesses, and businesses across Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are all potentially eligible for funding programs and should join an information session to learn more about their Canadian government funding opportunities.

Canadian Government Funding Workshop Prerequisites

Due to the eligibility factors for many Canadian government grants, attendance is limited to businesses who meet the following criteria:

  • Incorporated in Canada for at least 2 years;
  • Financially stable;
  • Not a retailer/distributor;

  • Not a startup; and
  • Manufacture or conduct R&D in Canada.

Don’t Meet the Eligibility Criteria for Business Funding Events?

Startups and service-based businesses are not a significant focus for many of the government funding programs we discuss during webinars and events. Please consult our Startup Funding Resources page to learn more about next steps towards accessing incentives and scaling your business.

Canadian Government Funding for Small Business