Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

NSERC Engage

A short-term research or development project aimed at addressing a company specific problem that can be extended up to 6 months. Connects businesses to university researchers for new R&D partnerships. Requires a 183A Letter of Support from Company.

  • Amount: Up to $25,000 from NSERC (no cash required from company).
  • Timeline: Rolling applications, no deadlines, 4 – 6 week turnaround on approvals.
  • Eligibility: Company must operate from a Canadian base. Eligible collaborations include focused projects with specific short-term objectives with an academic researcher from a Canadian University. No limit on how many Engage grants that a company can hold.

NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD)

A longer term research or development project, usually following an NSERC Engage project with the same faculty partners for projects up to 5 years in length to solve a larger R&D issue.

  • Amount: 25-75% of project expenses covered through NSERC grant funding.
  • Timeline: Rolling applications, no deadlines.
  • Eligibility: Company must operate from a Canadian base. IP ownership to be agreed on by both partners.

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