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Top 3 Job Boards to Attract Youth Talent to Your Workforce

Across Canada, talent and skill shortages remain a concern for many businesses and industries. Recent studies suggest that 82% of employers struggle to find properly trained and/or educated candidates to fill vacancies within their organization. Traditional recruitment methods are not enough; employers must leverage emerging technologies to effectively connect with

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Mitacs Accelerate Supports Green Technology Research and Development

In November 2017, Mitacs Canada announced it will support a research and development partnership between the University of Northern British Columbia and Canadian Zeolite Corporation. Canadian government funding will allow the partners to develop a value-added product that eliminates bacteriological contamination in water.

Research grants have been provided through the Mitacs

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OCE REACH Awards Over $4M in Grants for MedTech Procurement Projects

The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) recently announced its support for six technology adoption projects through its OCE REACH program. REACH stands for “Resources for Evaluating, Adopting and Capitalizing on Innovative Healthcare Technology”. OCE has awarded a total of $4.3 million in Ontario government grants to support these innovation procurement

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IBM Innovation Incubator Opens Its Doors to Ontario Businesses

In recent years, federal and provincial governments have place a strong focus on business innovation in Canada. The Government of Canada’s Budget 2017 announced the realignment of resources to improve innovation programs and strengthen the economy. Investing in business innovation allows small and medium-sized companies to flourish and increase their

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Why You Should Consider Hiring People with Disabilities

Across Canada, individuals with disabilities experience lower employment rates and earnings than the rest of the population. Despite being well-educated and eager to work, these individuals are often turned away by employers. There’s a misconception among employers that hiring workers with a disability involves expensive accommodation costs and a lower

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Addressing Food and Commercial Waste Practices in Ontario

Waste has been a growing concern across Ontario for over 40 years. Despite the desire to reduce our garbage output, Ontarian’s generate over 12 million tonnes of food and commercial waste per year. To mitigate this issue, the government has focused its efforts on “waste diversion”, which helps prevent waste

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