Investment Cooperation Program (INC) Government Funding for Business

In an effort to stimulate economic growth in developing countries, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada have created the Investment Cooperation Program (INC) as part of Canada’s Official Development Assistance spending initiative. Depending on the activity, eligible firms can receive 50%-75% of cost-sharing up to $955,000 in Canadian government grants to support to Canadian firms…

Health Technology Exchange (HTX) Funding Opportunities

Health Technology Exchange (HTX) Funding Opportunities

The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) supports both emerging and established Ontario-based companies to develop, produce, and commercialize innovative market-leading Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs). They offer support services and government funding for small business, providing organizations with consulting personnel in areas related to regulatory affairs, clinical evaluations, marketing, marketing intelligence, and grant funding for business….

Government Funding for Business Grants for Implementing the ISO 50001 Standard

In an effort to strengthen and expand Canada’s commitment to energy efficiency the Canadian Government is offering business funding grants that provide financial assistance for industrial organizations to adopt systems and processes that continually improve energy performance. This grant funding for business is designed to lead to reductions in energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and/or…