Author: Steph Tenneson

Protein Industries Canada (PIC): $4M for Botaneco Inc.

Botaneco Inc., based out of Calgary, Alberta, is the world leader in the commercial production of oilseed oleosomes. They are an innovative, solutions-focused natural ingredient manufacturer with novel plant-based separation and purification technology used in the global food, feed, and personal care industries.
The company was recently announced as the lead

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The Advantage of Being Unprepared

I recently came across the blog post, “Unprepared” by Seth Godin that hit home for me, not just as someone who suffers from chronic procrastination but also on a deeper level. In the posting, Godin argues that being unprepared is not always a bad thing. He points out that there

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The Top 3 Financial Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

According to a recent article written by Bernadeen McLeod, Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges when starting their own businesses. Lack of adequate information, especially related to small business financing, and a lack of female mentors are often cited as the two most important barriers. Despite these challenges women entrepreneurs are

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