Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Export Training Webinars in June

CME Export Training Events for Canadian Businesses

Canadian exporters received good news earlier this month when Statistics Canada announced that national exports rose by 1.5% in April. This momentum was largely attributed to rising prices (1.1%) and an increase in export volumes (0.5%). What’s better still is that the Canadian dollar continues to rebound and is, at the time of this article’s posting, nearing 80 cents US. Canadian companies who are actively exporting will continue to see their profits lifted into the future as oil prices rebound and production returns to normal in Alberta.

Based on the 2016 Manufacturers’ Outlook survey, 34% of Canadian manufacturers expect to enter new export markets or expand existing export markets over the next three years. This is an important strategy for growing manufacturers, since export growth is providing new opportunities and revenue potential.

Forward-thinking manufacturers should begin to implement export strategies now to ensure that they can take advantage of these export growth opportunities over the coming years. Fortunately, a wide range of support services exist and can soften the learning curve for businesses who are looking to begin exporting. One of the best resources to become more comfortable with exporting are Export Success webinars hosted by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Supports Industry Excellence

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters is Canada’s largest trade and manufacturing industry association. As the voice of Canadian manufacturers and exporters, they provide advocacy and leadership within the Canadian economy to strengthen industries’ global business performance.

As part of their leadership mandate, the organization regularly hosts events across Canada to educate and support businesses who are seeking to start or grow exports. Last year, the organization hosted several live and virtual events that helped Canadian businesses to become more competitive on a global scale.

Attend a CME Export Success Webinar in June 2016

This June, business owners and executives across Canada will have the opportunity to discover and build export strategies through CME hosted Export Success webinars.

“Companies learn great export skills that allows them to avoid trade errors in the future”
Emiliano Introcaso, National Program Manager of the Export Success Program, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

These hour-long webinars will focus on a wide range of topics dealing with business exports and will help your business access a growing international market.

June 16 – Get Outstanding Results from Agents – Five Strategies that Bring Success

Many companies do an excellent job of identifying, appointing, training, and making initial calls with their new agents. Then, they sit back and wait for orders to come in. Not surprisingly, no orders arrive and the company becomes disappointed and frustrated. It’s a story that plays out time and again early in the exporting process. The solution is shifting from managing agents to leading and motivating them instead.

Join Mel Sauvé, President of Global Growth, to learn five strategies that will enable your business to overcome this difficulty and empower your agents.

When: June 16, 2016 @ 1:00 – 2:00pm
Cost: $34 + tax when you use the Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

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June 22 – Tariff Classification & NAFTA Treatment for Trade Compliance

Learn about international trade processes, from classifying goods for customs purposes to whether or not manufactured products qualify for NAFTA treatment. Participants will be able to ensure that correct documentation is submitted to government agencies, which assists in minimizing customs delays and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Join Sherisse Redman, Owner of Export-Able Consulting to discover more information about Canadian tariff classifications, certificates of origin verification, and other critical NAFTA considerations.

When: June 22, 2016 @ 1:00 – 2:00pm
Cost: $34 + tax when you use the Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

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June 28 – Incoterms for Export Success

International Commercial Terms, known formally as Incoterms, are internationally recognized and adopted rules that govern importing and exporting. These are interpreted by the trade community and commonly used as acronyms in international trade documents and contracts. They define obligations, risks, and costs.

Learn how to select, quote and apply the right trade terms to contracts so that financial liabilities, limitations and responsibilities can be mitigated and understood by the both, exporters and importers, before acting on global agreements.

When: June 28, 2016 @ 1:00 – 2:00pm
Cost: $34 + tax when you use the Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

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