BWA Round Table Exchange: Government Funding Strategies for Wood Product Manufacturers

Having had the privilege to assist several wood product manufacturers across Canada, Mentor Works is pleased to accept an invitation from the Bluewater Alliance of Wood Product Manufacturers to share government funding opportunities with their members.

About Bluewater Alliance of Wood Product Manufacturers

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The Bluewater area is home to over 60 business classified as advanced wood products manufacturers.  The industry includes home, office and institutional furniture; wood flooring; veneer production; kitchen and bath cabinets; and millwork.  The industry employs over 700 people in the Bluewater area while bringing in over $72 million in sales.

Members of the Bluewater Alliance are invited to attend this workshop being held in Chesley, Ontario:

Canadian Government Funding Round Table Exchange –Details

  • Date/ Time: January 23, 2014, 10:30 am
  • Location: GRS Flooring, 16 Industrial Park Road, Chesley, Ontario

Bernadeen McLeod, Mentor Works’ Top Small Business Grants and Loans ExpertIMG_9668

Bernadeen McLeod is the President and Owner of Mentor Works. Mentor Works is a team of Canadian government funding experts dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized businesses select and access Canadian business grants and loans programs to help accelerate business growth.

During Bernadeen’s 90 minute presentation and Q&A she will take business owners through more than 30 of the top funding programs while explaining key concepts like funding cycles, stacking limits, and most importantly how to best take advantage of Canadian government grants and loans to help grow your business faster and with less financial risk.

How to Reserve Your Seat for this Canada Business Grants and Loans Event

For current Bluewater Wood Alliance Members, please contact Mike Baker by phone or email in order to register for this complimentary event.

Phone: 1-226-668-5455


For those advanced wood manufacturers that are interested in joining Bluewater Wood Alliance please find additional information by visiting their website at:

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