EDC Webinar: Innovation and the Next Generation of Aerospace 2013

Date: Friday November 29, 2013Canadian government funding for aerospace technology

Time: 1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m. (EST)

Cost: Free

The Canadian Aerospace Sector and Export Development Canada

Of all Canadian industries, the Aerospace sector is on among the most export-intensive, with over 75% of its revenues from export. In 2011, approximately 500 Canadian aerospace companies accumulated $22.4 billion in annual sales.

​In light of the rapid growth and success of the Canadian Aerospace sector, Export Development Canada (EDC) is focusing on financial risk management implications as supply chain evolve and adapt to the next generation of aerospace in Canada.

Topics Covered within this EDC Webinar for Canadian Aerospace

  • An outlook for the Aerospace Sector from Bombardier with discussion of topics such as innovation, innovation within the supply chain, and the next generation aircraft,
  • A panel discussion with major Canadian Aerospace firms,
  • Learn more about the challenges, both technical and financial, faced by SMEs in the aerospace sector, and how the larger players can support innovation at the SME level.

Mentor Work Small Business Grants and Loans Experts

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