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One of the 5 Essential Skills for Business Success is “organization”. However, in today’s fast-paced workplace, it is getting more and more difficult to organize, plan and carry out an effective meeting. For example, when scheduling meetings, it is difficult to find a time for everyone to meet, especially in large groups.

Tools like tackles this problem by providing powerful meeting planning tools, as well as great resources for easy file sharing, note taking, message sharing, and video conferencing.

The Features of provides many features to increase productivity before, during, and after your meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Simple Note & File Sharing:

Any member of a meeting can submit relevant files, notes, and other information just by emailing the file or text to the meeting’s assigned email address (ie. or using the tool’s straightforward user interface.

Skype Integration

Stream meeting members in from around the world with Skype integration so no one misses out on the important meeting, no matter where they are.

Co-Create Agendas

Multiple users can edit and add to the meeting’s agenda and notes to make sure all relevant topics are covered.

Available on all Major Platforms is available on Windows and Mac OS X computers, as well as iPad, iPhone, and Google Android devices. You can even login using your Facebook account.

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