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March 2021 Webinars: Discover Funding for Business Recovery and Growth

With many municipalities around canada moving into lockdown, and others moving into the red zone, orange zone, and yellow zone, Canadian businesses are ready to hit the ground running and the government of Canada is here to help with many new funding programs announced. Register for an upcoming event to learn how your business can take advantage of these programs.

Technological advancement offers great benefits as in-person events continue to be on hold. Consider attending a webinar this March to help support your business’ strategic recovery, growth, and innovation initiatives.

At each of the following webinars this month, attendees will learn about how Canadian government funding supports businesses in areas such as pandemic recovery, economic growth, and tech innovation. Whether it is to offset the cost of capital investments, market expansion, hiring, training, or research and development, government grants and loans are available to countless sectors. Reach out to the Mentor Works team of Government Funding Planners and ask how government funding can assist your ongoing or upcoming projects.

Learn About Government Funding Grants and Loans at Our March 2021 Webinars

March 4 – Government Funding Programs with the Clarington Board of Trade

(Webinar) Mentor Works will be speaking at the Clarington Board of Trade and Office of Economic Development on what the Canadian government funding landscape may look like in 2021, including the top grant, loan, wage subsidy, and tax credit programs businesses should be aware of.

Mentor Works’ Alex Barlow will discuss a wide range of federal and provincial government funding opportunities including support programs related to COVID-19.

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March 10 – Funding for Agriculture, Food & Beverage Businesses

(Webinar) Canadian agricultural producers and processors are able to access a wide range of government funding to offset the cost of strategic growth and investment projects. With so many companies operating in this sector across the country, federal and provincial governments offer targeted funding to drive business development.

Canadian agri-food companies should consider tapping into government funding to offset the costs of their upcoming strategic growth projects.

During the Funding for Agriculture, Food & Beverage Businesses webinar, attendees will learn about the top government funding programs that can offset a portion of hiring and training costs by up to 50-83%.

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March 23 – Government Funding for Export Expansion During COVID-19 with the EDC

(Webinar) During the Government Funding for Export Expansion During COVID-19 webinar, Mentor Works has teamed up with the EDC to teach attendees about specific government funding programs designed to help businesses through these uncertain times.

Mentor Works and Export Development Canada (EDC) will outline programs to help you market products and services in foreign markets.

Find out how your business could receive up to $75,000 in grants towards digital marketing costs, or best practices for how digital products can be exported to foreign markets.

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For a list of all upcoming webinars, visit our Canadian business events page.

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  1. Hello, Myra!
    Looking to help my husband open a small business in food industry. He has over 11 yrs experience in the industry. Seems it is high time he works for himself. Since his English is not the best, thought I should initiate the process. Could you suggest or recommend seminars or first steps. He has worked for many food businesses and has an idea. However, I think he needs to know details and paperwork.
    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Hema, thanks for your comment. The first step in establishing a business in Ontario is typically visiting a Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC). These centres have the expertise needed to consult you and your husband directly and provide the individualized support needed to get your business started. Visit that page to learn more about your local SBEC!

  2. hello sir. we have small trucking company in montreal ,we need Government fund please help us to how to apply contact us think you

    1. Hi Rustum – Thanks for the insight into your business. The majority of government funding programs we discuss are reserved for established businesses with 15+ employees and other key eligibility factors. For smaller and/or younger organizations and entrepreneurs, we recommend referring to our Startup Resources Page. If you are 15+ employees and have been incorporated for over 3 years, let us know a bit more about your business by filling out our Contact Form, so we can explore funding opportunities towards these upcoming strategic investments.

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