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Ontario Agriculture News – Agri News for Food Producers and Processors

Ontario agricultural producers and processors can benefit greatly by staying up-to-date with industry news. Yet for many agri-businesses, it’s difficult to find resources and publications that help inform growth strategies and improve competitiveness. While there’s no one definitive source of information for Ontario businesses, there are several sites that provide access to free, high-quality information about the agriculture and agri-food sector.

There are several resources online to help business leaders stay informed on industry news, but which ones can help you discover and embrace new growth opportunities?

To help your agri-business stay better educated about industry updates, we’re highlighting 10 of the best news sources and publications you can use to form growth strategies. These resources are compiled from a variety of government, industry association, and news agency sources to provide you with a wealth of highly-applicable agri-industry tools and tips.

Ontario Agriculture News: Top 10 Sources of Information

To help provide your Ontario agri-business perspective on a wide range of issues and events impacting the industry, explore the following 10 resources for:

  • Government and industry association news; and
  • Other news sources.

Government and Industry Association News

There are several direct sources of industry news that can support your agri-business growth. Consider starting your news search by exploring government and industry association publications, including:

1. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

OMAFRA is a primary source of information about a variety of topics including management best practices, food safety, farm operations, and food and beverage business operations. It releases factsheets, books, maps, and other materials to educate people about Ontario agriculture. This is a good place to start your exploration of agri-industry news and materials because OMAFRA’s site provides a wealth of resources. Although it’s not updated as frequently as other resources on this list, it’s still immensely valuable. Browse OMAFRA Ontario agriculture news.

2. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Similar to OMAFRA, AAFC provides a direct source of government news and market information but maintains a wider, federal focus. There is significantly more activity worth tracking on AAFC’s website, although some of it may not be useful to Ontario agri-businesses. Multiple news releases and statements are posted each week, covering areas of interest such as industry events, trade agreements, collaboration opportunities, government funding programs, and other agri initiatives. Browse AAFC’s Canadian agriculture news.

3. Farm Credit Canada (FCC)

FCC’s Agricultural Knowledge Exchange is updated weekly with high-quality articles that are highly applicable to Ontario agri-businesses, such as business planning, human resources management, market development, and financial management. These topics can be accessed online, or through FCC’s newsletter or podcast subscriptions. Browse FCC’s Canadian agriculture news.

4. Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)

OFA’s library of news releases is occasionally updated with press releases and other market-oriented pieces that outline large-scale changes to Ontario’s agriculture sector. The industry association advocates on behalf of Ontario agricultural producers, and often uses its publications to outline opportunities and risks for farmers to consider. Browse OFA’s farm industry news.

Other News Sources

5. Better Farming

Since 1999, Better Farming has been among the biggest and most well-known magazines for Ontario’s farming sector. In addition to its printed publication, Better Farming also offers online articles and resources to support improved management of farm businesses. Updated daily, Better Farming leverages most of its content from its parent company, Browse Better Farming’s Ontario agri news.

6. is a Canadian agricultural news site that also provides insight on the entire North American agriculture market. It is among the most active agri news sites online and posts multiple articles per day that address top issues impacting Canadian producers and processors. Visitors can tailor their site experience to focus on eastern or western Canada agriculture news, and always discover fresh insights that can’t be found elsewhere online. Browse Canadian agriculture news.

7. Farmtario

Backed by leading farm journalists and content creators, Farmtario is a dynamic resource that offers daily insights into management best practices. It is one of the best resources in this list for news on agriculture technologies, but also discusses crops, livestock, and market conditions affecting Ontario agri-businesses. Site users can register for articles via newsletter subscription or access the site manually to explore its range of content, which includes discussions with industry experts. Browse Farmtario agriculture news.

8. Ontario Farmer

Ontario Farmer is a weekly publication that promotes business-to-business opportunities in the province. Online, it offers access to some news articles and a series of directories aimed at supporting greater collaboration among Ontario agri-businesses. Its print publication offers a wider selection of industry news and business-related content that further enriches readers’ understanding of the agricultural industry landscape. Browse Ontario Farmer’s agricultural resources.

9. Real Agriculture

Real Agriculture offers news articles, videos, and podcasts that cover all facets of the Canadian agriculture industry. The site focuses on crops and livestock, machinery, domestic and international markets, and provides additional insight on management best practices. Canadian business leaders can access the site to see what new information is posted daily or subscribe to tailored newsletter content based on their preferences. Browse Real Agriculture’s agri news.

10. Mentor Works

Mentor Works is a management consulting firm that specializes in Canadian government funding programs. We routinely publish blogs about Ontario agriculture grants and profile companies that successfully use government funding to expand their business. Not only does this help agri-businesses learn about the opportunities available to them, but it shows directly how to use these programs to make an immediate and sustained impact to their growth potential. Read Mentor Works’ agriculture industry news.

More Resources: The Ontario Agri-Business Growth Guide

Staying up-to-date with Ontario agriculture news is just one facet of managing your agri-business. While these sources of information are vital to ensuring your business’ continued success, there are many other supports that exist to help the agri-sector grow. Fortunately, we’ve compiled nearly 100 of these resources into the Ontario Agri-Business Growth Guide. It’s a great reference for agricultural producers and processors seeking opportunities to manage, grow, and finance their businesses.

To continue your exploration of agriculture resources, please download the Ontario Agri-Business Growth Guide.

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