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13 BC Companies Receive $2M Through IRAP & Innovate BC 

Through provincial funding agencies such as Innovate BC and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), 13 British Columbia cleantech companies received a combined $2M in Research & Development (R&D).  

To support the clean and green initiatives within the province, the cleantech companies received funding to develop their projects via the BC Fast Pilot program.  

“We are supporting innovative technology that has the capability to create a more sustainable and green economy”

– Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation.  

BC Fast Pilot Program  

The program helps small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) design and build a pilot study of their technology. Projects under this program focus on the themes of:  

  • Reducing the impacts of climate change;  
  • Improving operational efficiencies; and  
  • Increasing health and safety.  

“BC Fast Pilot allows small businesses the ability to accelerate their development process, resulting in a rapid growth in our clean tech sector that benefits both our economy and our environment.”

– Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation.  

The BC Fast Pilot program facilitates B.C. technology companies by offering up to $200,000 in funding for each project. These funds enable these companies to demonstrate the efficacy of their products, assess the value of their solutions, and stimulate the adoption of their products by customers. As a result, customers gain a valuable opportunity to mitigate certain risks associated with the integration of new technologies into traditional industries. 

Since its inception, the program invested $9.9M in 75 pilot projects in British Columbia.   

The program funding prioritizes regional development, cleantech advancement, and Indigenous communities.  

“The BC Fast Pilot program isn’t just about driving innovation; it’s about shaping the future we want to leave for generations to come. By funding these projects, we’re not just backing promising businesses; we’re investing in a sustainable and inclusive world for future generations.”

Innovate BC Interim President, and CEO, Tomica Divic.  

13 British Columbia Companies Set An Example  

The 13 projects funded this year act as a great example of what the future of cleantech should look like. Some of these projects are noteworthy and act as good guidelines for companies applying for funding in the new year.  

4AG Robotics: is piloting its automated system to harvest, trim, package, label, and ship mushrooms. 

Aerometrix Services: Created a system utilizing drone-based laser spectrometry for the detection and quantification of methane emission sources.Top of Form 

BQE Water: plans to assess and validate its water treatment technology to remove thiosalts from waste waters generated during mining. 

Browns Bay Packing Company: will pilot a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam and paper based thermal inserts. 

CanDry Technologies: Conducting a pilot program for a low-temperature, energy-efficient dehydration technology to validate its suitability for the berry market.Top of Form 

Catch Data: aims to improve biosecurity of ports and conservation locations from rodent infestations with Parks Canada. 

Crush Dynamics: is creating a powdered version of Purdy’s puree product for widespread use in chocolate applications. 

Deadwood Innovations: is set to demonstrate its exclusive wood densification process aimed at salvaging low-quality timber from beetle and fire-damaged stands, as well as repurposing low-grade lumber.Top of Form 

Demizine Technology: this pilot will take place in First Nations communities to demonstrate that an instant wastewater treatment system can operate in a Canadian climate with minimal maintenance. 

Ensemble Scientific: is piloting an irrigation support system tailored to precision to help farmers collect data and make irrigation decisions faster and more efficiently. 

Farment Bio Solutions: project will demonstrate the feasibility of a fermentation system to generate renewable natural gas and fertilizer from digestate waste. 

Industrial Plankton: will prove the performance of its seaweed bioreactors in a commercial setting and demonstrate the production capabilities of the system when deployed in the ocean. 

VoltSafe: is piloting an electrical safety kit that marinas can use to improve energy their management. 

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