63 Companies Receive Over $18 million in ACT Funding to Adopt Clean Agricultural Technology

As climate change continues to be a critical issue on the global stage, the Canadian government has committed to drastically improving clean technology with the goal of reducing Canada’s negative impacts on the environment. The agriculture sector is one of the biggest contributors to Canada’s annual emissions and accounts for over 7% of national gross domestic product (GDP). Therefore, the Agriculture Clean Technology (ACT) program was designed to invest in agri-businesses that are adapting clean technologies with the goal of curbing emissions in this critical industry.

“Agriculture in the Prairies contributes 64% of all Canadian agricultural emissions. Across Canada, agricultural emissions are 12% of the national total.”

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Thus far, the ACT program has invested over $18 million in 63 approved projects that are working on improving and implementing new technologies for the agriculture sector that will significantly reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) across Canada.

What Projects Have Been Funded by the ACT Program?

Although over 60 successful investments from the ACT program have resulted in innovation for clean technology, a few of the projects have stood out for their significant allotment and innovation potential:

  • Bulk Growers Holdings Limited, located in Dunnville, Ontario, received a total of $2 million in funding from the Adoption stream. The purpose of the project was to install three biomass boilers which are highly efficient commercial boilers that drastically reduce carbon dioxide outputs.
  • O Foods Ltd., located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was allotted $2 million in funding from the Adoption stream. This project focused on the installation of bioeconomy solutions and fuel switching to reduce the reliance on fuels that produce high emissions.
  • Ontario Genomics Institute, a not-for-profit organization which focuses on genomics research in Toronto, Ontario, was awarded with $1.2 million via the Research and Innovation stream. The purpose of this project was to initiate research and innovation for converting agricultural waste into bioplastics which may be repurposed for alternative uses.         
  • Lorrain Farms Ltd., located in Elmira, Ontario, was awarded $1.2 million from the Adoption stream. This project was focused on installing solar panels to improve efficiency and capitalize on solar energy for operations.
  • G.S.P.M. Distribution Inc., located in Sherrington, Quebec, received $846,625 from the Adoption stream. The intent of this project was to assist in the purchase of precision agriculture technology to improve efficiencies and therefore reduce waste.

These projects represent some of the top results from the ACT program but are not by any means an exhaustive list. To learn more about the remaining 58 companies that received funding through ACT, please visit the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada page.

More About the Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program

The Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) program is a $190-million investment, and its aim is to promote precision agriculture and agri-based bioproducts through investments and promotion of clean technologies. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, these technologies must support sustainable and clean growth. ACT invests in successful applications via two streams: (1) the Adoption Stream and (2) the Research and Innovation Stream.

To learn more about this program’s applicant eligibility, eligible projects, and program timelines, visit the Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program Page for a comprehensive review.

Government Funding for Agriculture and Clean Technology

Both the agriculture and clean technology industries play important roles in the Canadian economy and therefore typically receive a lot of government support through grants, loans, and more.

To learn more about the top government funding opportunities, such as the Sustainable Development Technology Canada program, available to agriculture companies in Canada, review our Canadian Agribusiness Funding Programs Directory. For an overview of the top programs available for businesses in clean technology, check out our Cleantech Funding Programs Directory.

Mentor Works believes in each one of the applications that we support. Our detailed pre-qualification process leads to a higher rate of approval when compared to the global approval rates of each government funding program.

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