Client Spotlight: A&H Custom Machine

When A&H Custom Machine approached Mentor Works, they had multiple business objectives. These varied from business expansion to productivity improvements. Together, they worked with Mentor Works to develop a comprehensive strategy to reach these goals. Government funding was a key aspect of this strategy, as it allowed them to finance aspects of their plan, which otherwise would not have been realized.

“Mentor Works knows what programs are available and how to apply for them.  Mentor Works makes the application process fast, easy and understandable.  They deliver results, every application we submitted was successful and in less than 6 months we had secured $150K in non-refundable grants.”
-Paul Dean, General Manager at A&H Custom Machine

A&H has now effectively utilized multiple government funding mechanisms to achieve their business goals, including the IRAP Accelerated Review Process, CME Smart Program, and Export Market Access. By harnessing funding from multiple funding mechanisms, A&H Custom Machine was able to achieve their business goals faster and more effectively. In fact, they are still applying for more funding to further expand their business.

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