CFIN Invests $3M in Five Projects to Transform Food Sector for Canadians

Developed to support Canadian food and beverage businesses seeking to improve their industries through research and development, new product and service adoption and innovation, the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) supports these initiatives through significant investments. Recently, CFIN invested $3 million in five separate Canadian organizations to support the transformation of the food sector.

“By investing in breakthrough and transformative innovation, CFIN stimulates collaboration across the food sector and enables high-potential Canadian food innovators to advance past technical hurdles that create barriers to commercialization. This first round of investment programming will help Canadian players in the food sector compete and lead on the global stage.”

Joseph Lake, CEO of Canadian Food Innovation Network

This article looks at these five investments made by CFIN while outlining current funding opportunities still available via the Canadian Food Innovation Network.

Canadian Businesses Supported by the Canadian Food Innovation Network

Gastronomous Technologies and Partners

An initiative to improve food ingredient preparation, cold storage, and accurate automated portioning and dispensing will be funded through the CFIN Food Innovation Challenge stream totaling almost $2 million in value made to Gastronomous Technologies Inc. in partnership with Recipe Unlimited and Sodexo. Gastronomous is based out of Oakville, Ontario, and develops interconnected smart appliances to create fully autonomous kitchens designed to be scalable, efficient, and hygienic.

Laboratoire Innodal Inc. and Partners

Laboratoire Innodal Inc. has been awarded just under $1 million via the CFIN Food Innovation Challenge stream, partnering with Dempsey Corporation and E. Gagnon et Fils Limitedée to make food more shelf stable by using natural and clean label antimicrobials in place of chemical preservatives. Innodal is working to implement antimicrobials that will improve food safety standards and meet changing consumer demand.

Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc.

Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc. has received $100,000 via the CFIN Innovation Booster streamwith the intent of developing a globally certified-compostable pressure-sensitive label material (PSM) and the final printed PLU labels. Ag-Tronic is in the Windsor region and creates innovative systems that increase productivity and product quality while securing considerable savings for operating costs.

Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds Ltd.

Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds Ltd. was awarded $93,304 to for a project aimed at increasing extraction, activation, and utilization of vitamin B12 and other water-soluble seaweed compounds for their products. Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds is in British Columbia and is determined to offer a viable kelp option to their provincial markets that may be used in applications such as food, agriculture, feed, construction, and more.

Groupe Foodarom Inc.

Groupe Foodarom Inc.’s Quebec-based facility was supported with $98,834 in funding via the CFIN Innovation Booster stream to develop a solution that leverages natural antimicrobial ingredients for the elimination of multi-resistant fungal contaminants that can be present in concentrated fruit syrups and purees.

More About Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) Programs

CFIN offers a variety of government funding programs that are tailored towards supporting food and beverage organizations in Canada. Currently, the CFIN Innovation Booster streamandChallenge stream are both accepting applications.

Innovation Booster Stream

The Innovation Booster stream is designed to help businesses that are limited by funds with a goal of assessing product market fit, testing a minimum viable product, scaling and expanding globally, ​and more.

Challenge Stream

The Challenge stream is built to support Canadian businesses that have a breakthrough food innovation opportunity,​ a new ingredient, product, technology, service, or process for research, and more.

To learn more about these programs, visit our Canadian Food Innovation Network Program Page.

Government Funding Programs for Food and Beverage Companies in Canada

Canada’s food and beverage industry plays a critical role in the nation’s markets and economy. Therefore, there are many government funding programs available to assist in a variety of business activities ranging from business expansion to research and development. Mentor Works has created a comprehensive Food and Beverage Directory to outline the top funding programs available.

To get started with an application or simply learn more about funding opportunities, contact our team today to get started.

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