Client Spotlight: Funding Success for Stanpac

Funding programs announced and administered through or in partnership with the Government of Canada can be exceptionally complex. Many businesses have some level of confusion around what to expect during the funding process, or whether their business is even eligible for cashflow support.

That’s why working with consultants with extensive knowledge of program history, eligibility criteria, and connections with government officials can help a business of any sector meet and exceed their strategic planning goals and objectives.

Through the success of five funding program applications since 2015, Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, has assisted Stanpac to access over $8.6 million in grants and loans for strategic innovation and growth projects.

To succeed with funding means truly understanding which programs are best suited to each organization’s upcoming projects and overall goals. In addition, writing a strong application that aligns with the funding program’s purpose is key. Government officials review applications and select those that best represent the program in achieving its specific goals for economic growth.

“Mentor Works support in helping us receive funding has assisted us to grow from 100 employees in 2008 to nearly 500 employees now.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

In this client spotlight article, we will uncover the funding success of our client, Stanpac, as supported through consulting and grant writing services provided by Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, and how specific funding helped them meet their company goals.

About Stanpac

Since 1949, Stanpac has manufactured dairy and beverage packaging for companies located throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world. Stanpac began by providing closures for glass milk bottles and has since been expanding their innovative product lines with new products for ice cream, milk, wine, and spirits, and most recently, food service packaging including paper hot cups and lids and take out containers.

With seven patents in more than 20 countries, Stanpac is recognized by their customers as innovative and customer focused. Currently their core focus is improving the sustainability of their products to provide advanced options in an ever-changing market.

Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, spoke with Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance of Stanpac, about the role that government funding support has played in assisting the business planning and projects of Stanpac since 2015.

“Everybody we’ve worked with [at Mentor Works] has, across the board, always been incredibly helpful and intuitive.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

Stanpac: Jobs Growth Fund (JGF) for Hiring and Training

While currently closed for intake, the Jobs and Growth Fund (JGF)is a $700 million federal program that invests in strengthening Canadian economies by supporting long-term growth and jobs creation following setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the JGF, eligible Canadian businesses, non-profits, and Indigenous organizations can access up to 50-90% of costs for economic growth projects such as hiring and training.

“As Stanpac moves into promoting green technology and packaging, this particular [JGF] will help us move further into that direction. Eight years ago, we were moving our patented packaging, and that was a big thing back then. Now the world is changing and moving away from plastics, so now we are actively researching and developing alternative new solutions to meet that customer need. This funding will continue to help for the future. We will get rid of plastic over time, with funding this goal will continue being developed.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

Stanpac: Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) for Business Expansion

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) is a business expansion funding program that encourages companies to invest in new facilities and equipment, as well as supporting economic development organizations, municipalities, and consortia to invest in infrastructure and implementing strategies to advance regional priorities.

For business applicants, they can receive up to 15% of project expenses with total funding per project of $500,000 to $5M, depending on whether businesses are applying for a grant or a loan. For community economic development applicants, they can receive up to 50% of eligible project costs for a maximum of up to $1.5M in grant funding.

“The government loans and grants that we’ve received have helped not only push forward our projects, but they’ve helped our stability and growth, and also made financial decisions easier to make.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

Stanpac: Yves Landry Foundation Funding for Training and Equipment Via the Government of Canada

The Yves Landry Foundation Funding for Training Via the Government of Canada program supports manufacturers with their green initiatives as they upskill employees and retrain their workforce to adopt and adapt green manufacturing principles at the shop floor level.

Government of Canada funding through the Yves Landry Foundation can provide eligible businesses with non-repayable grant contributions to a maximum $100,000 towards eligible expenses.

“We are now more comfortable and confident in projects for new products, and funding support helps us be able to make important business decisions.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

Apply for Government Funding with Mentor Works Support

Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, pairs Canadian businesses with our skilled team of grant writers who can guide them through each stage of the funding process using their extensive funding knowledge and government insight. The comprehensive pre-qualification process leads to a higher rate of approval compared to average success rates of each government funding program, and our team truly believes in each one of the applications that we support.

“The [Mentor Works] team works hard to understand our business vision and how it aligns with government funding. The time spent by your team cuts down on significant internal resources, as there are only so many hours in a day, and your team’s knowledge drastically speeds the process the along.”
– Brent Roszell, Vice President of Finance, Stanpac

If your Canadian business has been incorporated in Canada for at least three years, has 15 or more payroll employees, and has a positive net income, consider working with Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, to help your business find and access government funding that aligns with your unique projects and goals. Contact our team today to get started.

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