Emergency Community Support Fund Invests Additional $271K in Local Non-Profit Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic and government setbacks from preventing the spread of the virus have caused a vastly devastating impact on vulnerable Canadian populations such as those experiencing severe health concerns, low-income situations, homelessness, adverse mental health, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and many other circumstances contributing to a more fearful and worried society. 

The Government of Canada is investing an additional $271,365 in COVID-19 funding to non-profit organizations in Northern Ontario, raising the total amount of funding for the region during the pandemic to $577,365 provided through the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF)

Over the past year and a half since lockdowns, social distancing, and hygiene guidelines first began, there has been a drastic decrease in available services commonly provided by funding for nonprofit organizations which cater to at-risk populations across the country. Organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Cancer Society, along with many shelters and food service organizations, have all had to reduce the services they offer due to restrictions.

“Canadian charities and non-profit organizations play a vital role in our communities. But the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing real challenges to these important organizations. The Government of Canada is pleased to support these organizations through the Emergency Community Support Fund so that they can continue to help the most vulnerable members of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
– Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development

The reduction in not-for-profit services caused by COVID-19 has truly highlighted the importance of community-based support programs and emphasized the need for government funding to be allocated towards not-for-profit businesses.

What is the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF)?

As launched in May of 2020, the ECSF was a $350 million investment from the Government of Canada to support projects that provide community-based services for at-risk, vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic by financially supporting non-profit organizations to continue aiding Canadians in need.

“The ECSF provides critical support for community-based organizations that have experienced a drastic increase in demand for their services since the start of the pandemic.”
– Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament of Sault Ste. Marie, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Economic Development (FedNor) 

Eligible applicants received up to 100% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $75,000 for community-based projects and $200,000 for the National/Provincial stream.

Although the application intake is now closed, Canadians can access the list of projects being funded, and the community foundations across Canada who participated in the ECSF.

Government Grants and Loans for Canadian Non-Profit Organizations

There are a variety of government funding programs that can assist non-profit organizations in offsetting important costs associated with strategic projects such as hiring and training initiatives, capital investment in adopting or adapting new technology, business expansion, and research and development.

For example, programs such as the Tourism Development Fund (TDF) helps non-profit organizations invest in developing new services and industry opportunities by offsetting up to 50% on eligible project costs.

To find more resources and support when dealing with setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our COVID-19 Support Page that’s kept up to date with the latest in government funding program launches, updates, success stories, launches, and more news revolving around the ongoing pandemic.

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