FedNor Awards $8.1M Across 15 Northern Ontario Business Projects

To support small business and entrepreneurship in Northern Ontario, FedNor has announced investments totalling over $8.1 million to fund 15 small business projects across Northern Ontario. These investments through FedNor’s core programs are expected to create or retain 681 jobsin municipalities and Indigenous communities throughout the region. 

“Small businesses are the building blocks that connect communities, and in rural regions like those across Northwestern Ontario, their vital role in our economy is clear.” 
– Marcus Powlowski, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay—Rainy River 

Small-to-medium enterprise (SME) businesses employ over 60% of the workforce, making them the largest employment sector in Canada. There were 312,500 small businesses in rural areas in 2019, making SMEs a vital component of regional economic growth. To support sustainable growth, FedNor exists to assist small businesses recover, innovate, scale up, and create jobs in Northern Ontario. 

Northern Ontario Small Business Projects Awarded FedNor Funding  

The following 15 projects will receive a total of $8,165,932 to support small business economic growth in Northern Ontario:  

$1,600,000: To NECO Community Futures Development Corporation (NECO) in North Bay. This will enable the organization to continue providing business counseling and investment services to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as leadership in community strategic planning, for the next five years. 

$1,217,480: To Timmins Economic Development Corporation from Timmins-James Bay to assist small and mid-sized businesses in commercializing innovative products, services, and processes, scaling up, and expanding into new markets. 

$1,100,000: To Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation in Timmins-James Bay for the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs in their efforts to start or expand their businesses. 

$960,000: To the Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund in Thunder Bay to support its ongoing Community Futures operations, which include business counselling and investment services for Indigenous businesses. 

$755,000: To Lynch Ag Ltd. In Temiskaming Shores for operation expansion, including equipment purchases and the establishment of a specialized seed potato storage and handling facility. 

$588,000: To Z’gamok Construction LP in Algoma-Manitoulin for the purchase of new heavy-duty equipment as well as the development of a business plan to help the company expand and diversify. 

$500,000: To Feather Company Ltd. in Sudbury to support the development of its patented HIYA device, a Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler platform for use in the medicinal and adult markets in Canada, Europe, and the United States. 

$403,000: To Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation in Timmins-James Bay for a secondary project to administer the Northeastern Ontario Investment Pool. This pool includes 13 partner Community Futures Development Corporations in the region, which will invest in high-potential large-scale projects over the next three years. 

$360,889: To 360 Boring Services Inc. in Timmins-James Bay to upgrade its facility in Timmins, purchase new equipment, improve productivity, and increase profitability. 

$209,700: To Cramer Dairy Farms in Thunder Bay for the construction of a new calf facility and the acquisition of equipment and technology to improve efficiency, environmental sustainability, and biosecurity.  

$137,729: To Lock City Dairies in Algoma-Manitoulin for the expansion of their existing warehousing and distribution facility. 

$108,231: To Rainy River District Regional Abattoir in Rainy River to expand the Rainy River Meats processing facility. 

$100,000: To Dr. Clean Inc. in Sudbury for the expansion of its operations and the purchase of new equipment to capitalize on the immediate and growing demand for commercial and industrial cleaning. 

$99,500: To Roots to Harvest in Thunder Bay to facilitate new and expanded programming, partnerships, job creation, and new business opportunities in support of the organization’s recent designation as a Canadian Community Food Center. 

$17,655: To Eagle River Enterprises in Kenora for the installation of a new insulated, energy-efficient garage bay door, which will reduce the carbon footprint by lowering heating costs. 

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities.” 
– George Graham, Chairperson, Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation  

Government Grants and Loans for Northern Ontario 

To find all programs currently available for Northern Ontario businesses, access our Ontario Grants and Funding Directory and discover funding options for a wide range of strategic projects, including business expansion, research and development, hiring and training, and capital investment. Specific programs such as the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) offer tailored solutions to businesses in the region for a multitude of different project streams which are open on a rolling intake.  

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