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Empowering Growth: Ontario’s $125 Million Manufacturing Boost 

In a significant stride towards bolstering local manufacturing in Southwestern Ontario, the Ontario government proudly announced its support of $125 million in investments by four esteemed companies. These expansions, spanning the automotive and food processing sectors, are poised to create 153 new jobs in Windsor and Leamington, injecting vitality and economic growth into the region’s landscape. 

“Windsor and Leamington have a proud history of manufacturing excellence, and thanks to continued investment in the region, we are confident that our targeted approach to fostering stability and growth across our economy is working,”

Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade 

Navigating the RDP Landscape 

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies the Regional Development Program (RDP), a pivotal component of Ontario’s commitment to fostering economic growth and innovation. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of local businesses, the RDP offers financial assistance and strategic guidance to fuel expansion projects and drive prosperity. 

Investment Highlights 

As per the Ontario Budget 2024, it is clear that the provincial government is fueling economic growth. The government of Ontario is providing these companies with $12 million in funding through the provincial RPD program. 

  • DS Actimo Canada: A subsidiary of South Korea-based DSEV, DS Actimo Canada is investing over $60 million to establish its first manufacturing plant in North America. This 107,000 square-foot facility in Windsor will produce components for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, contributing to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. With the support of nearly $5 million in funding through the province’s RDP, DS Actimo Canada’s expansion will create 96 new jobs. 

“We want to thank the Ontario government for their recognition and support of DS Actimo’s investment through the Regional Development Program. Our new facility in Windsor represents our expansion into the North American marketplace for our production of components for EV batteries.”

Chunbok Choi, CEO, DS Actimo Canada Inc. 
  • Kautex Textron: This Windsor-based plastic fuel tank manufacturer is diversifying its operations with an investment of almost $23 million. The company will construct a new battery skid plate manufacturing facility, utilizing advanced composite materials for EV battery casings. Supported by $1.5 million in RDP funding, Kautex Textron’s expansion will create 12 new jobs. 

“The grant we received from the Ontario government allowed us to build an entirely new line for our newest product, Pentatonic Underbody Protection. We’re grateful for the opportunity to expand and succeed within the Windsor, Ontario community.”

Eric Cardinali, Chief Operating Officer, Kautex Textron 
  • Integrity Tool & Mold Inc.: With an investment of over $15.6 million, Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. is enhancing its production capacity by adopting state-of-the-art technology at its new Windsor facility. This global leader in the tool and mold industry will create 25 new jobs, supported by over $2.3 million in RDP funding. 

“This investment was made based on the complete confidence we have in our team to execute and take full advantage of this technology. It demonstrates our commitment to the future. Integrity is grateful to the Ontario Government for their assistance with this investment, and more importantly, their understanding on the importance of investing in Ontario businesses and the custom manufacturing industry.”  

Paul DiGiovanni, Team Principal, Integrity Tool & Mould Inc.
  • Highbury Canco Corp.: Known for producing a variety of food products, Highbury Canco Corp. is investing over $26.5 million to modernize its facility in Windsor. This investment will increase processing and warehouse capacity, leading to 20 new jobs. Supported by more than $3.1 million in RDP funding, Highbury Canco Corp.’s expansion underscores Ontario’s commitment to supporting local food processing industries. 

“We are thankful for the support from the provincial government which will allow our company to modernize our facility and increase our processing capacity. Initiatives to support local manufacturers like the Regional Development Program help to make investment possible during these difficult economic times.”  

John Krueger, Vice President, Supply Chain, Highbury Canco Corp.

Propelling Growth with RDP 

The Regional Development Program (RDP) continues to be a cornerstone of Ontario’s commitment to fostering economic growth and innovation. With the next intake round for RDP applications already opened as of April 11, 2024, businesses and municipalities have an opportunity to access financial support and services to propel their growth initiatives. Launched in November 2019 for eastern and southwestern Ontario, the RDP offers a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at bolstering regional economies. In 2022, the introduction of the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness (AMIC) stream further fortified the program, providing additional funds to support advanced manufacturers and strengthen essential supply chains across the province. This ongoing commitment reflects Ontario’s dedication to empowering businesses and driving sustainable economic development. 

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