Wilcox Bodies Leverages Youth Employment Fund as Hiring & Training Grant

Wilcox Bodies LogoThe Youth Employment Fund (YEF) was created to help youth find gainful employment within Ontario. Ontario businesses can utilize YEF for up to $6800 in grant funding towards the hiring of a youth, aged 15-29, for a 4-6 month period. Additionally, candidates will receive up to $1000 directly to assist with the transition into the role. A Milton, Ontario based business, Wilcox Bodies Ltd., was able to benefit from this Ontario hiring grant to invest in the hiring and training of a new employee. Wilcox Bodies Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of custom industrial vehicle, as well the modification of vehicles with toolboxes, cranes, and other accessories.

Mentor Works spoke with David Dick, Vice President & General Manager of Wilcox Bodies, about his experience with the Youth Employment Fund.

The Youth Employment Fund & Application Process

David discovered the Youth Employment Fund through a funding strategy meeting with Mentor Works. David had exhibited at a job fair to recruit for an Administrative Assistance position and was interested in wage subsidies to support the role. Since he was still interviewing, David was perfectly aligned to explore the Youth Employment Fund, as candidates need to be accepted for funding before being placed on payroll.

Mentor Works referred David to the Employment Ontario website where applicants locate their local Employment Ontario Centre and fill out a brief YEF online application. Wilcox Bodies was assigned a local Employment Ontario representative, Paul, who met with both the job candidate and David before approving the employment opportunity for funding. The YEF funding contract was finalized in a meeting with all parties on the employee’s first day. The whole process took approximately seven days.

$6800 Hiring Grant + Incentives for the Youth Candidate

The Youth Employment Fund awarded Wilcox Bodies with $6800 in grant funding for a 6-month employment period. Reimbursement will be issued on a monthly basis, based on payroll records submitted by the business to the Employment Ontario Centre. Additionally, YEF supplied the candidate with a $300 gift card for business apparel, in addition to $100 in gas cards for the commute to Wilcox Bodies. This additional funding for the candidate ensured that they experienced a smooth transition into their new role as Administrative Assistant.

“[YEF] gives us the ability to carry out training internally to use and advance her abilities.”
-David Dick, VP & General Manager of Wilcox Bodies

Because of funding, Wilcox Bodies was able to hire an ideal candidate for the position, as well as dedicate funding towards professional development training of the youth.

Ongoing Support from Employment Ontario

Wilcox Bodies has established a valuable long-term relationship with their local Employment Ontario Centre. Since being approved, their Employment Ontario Centre representative has referred them to other suitable candidates for future positions at Wilcox Bodies. This value-add ensures a sustainable strategy for workforce development at Wilcox Bodies. When asked if David would participate in the YEF hiring grant again, he replied, “I would definitely do it again…[Employment Ontario] has already sent over some resumes of other candidates.”

Discover Hiring & Training Grants for your Business

Mentor Works offers free resources to help businesses across Canada benefit from programs like the Youth Employment Fund. If your business is recruiting for a new role, make sure to fill out our Free Wage Subsidy Identifier to determine the best hiring grant for your position. Please ensure that you are not starting the candidate before being accepted for funding. We also host workshops and webinars on Canadian government funding, including training specific webinars. Register for a free funding event today to explore your funding opportunities.

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