How to Become a Government Funding Insider™

Canadian Government Funding InsiderTo best serve young companies, entrepreneurs and service-based organizations, Mentor Works has formulated comprehensive funding support services, including funding program information, tools, and resources to improve their cash flow planning and accelerate their growth.

By becoming a Funding Insider™, you will receive unparalleled guidance about applying for Canadian government grants and loans, as well as where to seek other support services.

 As a Funding Insider™ You Will Receive:

  1. Introductory Cash Flow Planning and Funding Webinar: Bernadeen McLeod, President and Owner of Mentor Works Ltd., will teach you about the available funding programs and support services available to your business, complete with you real life examples and scenarios from successful small businesses and startups.
  2. Guide to Funding and Cash Flow Planning for Startups & Small Businesses: A complete guide to Mentor Works’ top loans, grants, subsidies, tax credits, tools, and support organizations for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This interactive document will direct you to the most valuable sources of information and funding.
  3. Ongoing Insider Funding Updates & News: As a Government Funding Insider™ you will receive regular updates on government funding programs and competitions as well as important updates on funding availability, and invitations to exclusive workshops and webinars.

Please do not close your browser after payment. Choose your date/time in the following page.

For $149.99* Funding Insiders™ will also receive a resource guide for small businesses and startups and access to government funding news and updates including important information regarding funding availability.

Get your money back: If you choose to complete an application with us within two weeks of the webinar, we will credit your membership fee toward support services for your first application, making the Funding Insider™ membership free for any company that chooses to take advantage of government grants or loans for small business.

Access Mentor Works’ Full Inventory of Small Business Funding Insider™ Resources

Learning about startup funding opportunities can be accelerated by using Mentor Works’ full range of small business funding resources. Access these tools to develop a greater understanding of the startup funding landscape, including how to access your first government funding programs:

  1. If you haven’t already, download our Free Canadian Government Funding for Startups and Small Businesses Checklist.
  2. Become a Funding Insider by clicking on any of the “Register Now” buttons.  You will be directed to choose a date and time for your first webinar upon successful Paypal payment.
  3. Upon registering, you will receive a Guide to Funding & Cash Flow Planning for Startups and Small Businesses containing useful information regarding funding organizations, small business tools and more.
  4. After watching the webinar, choose a program from the resources provided and submit the information Bernadeen requests by email. A Business Funding Analyst will reach out to you to confirm your eligibility and inform you of the next steps.
  5. As a Funding Insider you will receive important news and updates as well as invitations to free webinars and workshops.

Cost to become a Funding Insider™:  $149.99*
Please do not close your browser after payment. Choose your date/time in the following page.

Learn How to Fund Your Business Using Small Business Grants & Loans

IMG_9668Bernadeen McLeod is the Founder and President of Mentor Works, where she leads a team of the most knowledgeable Canadian Government Funding Planners in Canada. Amid a busy schedule of speaking engagements, Bernadeen meets with the country’s most successful small and medium-sized business owners and executives to show them how to select, access, and leverage Canadian business grants and loans.

Government Funding Insider™ Webinar:  What You Will Learn

  1. Why “Funding Cycles” are important and how you can find all of the right government funding programs for your business without paying for guidebooks or online portals.
  2. How to avoid pitfalls that result in SMEs failing on their small business grants and loans applications.
  3. Find a small business grant program today that will give you $7,000 to $20,000 to help expand your business (for many of these programs you can look forward to approval within days!)

Please do not close your browser after payment. Choose your date/time in the following page.

Become a Government Funding Insider Now and Your Membership Fee Will Be Offered Back to You!

For a limited time, attendees of Bernadeen’s Funding Insider™ Webinar will be given the opportunity to subtract their registration fee from the cost of support services for their first grant application. Not only does this make your startup funding education free, but you’ll also access your first $7,000 to $20,000 in government funding to expand your business. 

Receive a Guide to Funding & Cash Flow Planning for Startups and Small Businesses

Government Funding Insiders also receive a complimentary guide that includes information on trusted small business services, funding organizations, grants, loans, and more. Become a Funding Insider™ and Register for our next Government Funding Insider™ Webinar. * Plus HST, unless otherwise stated.