Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG)

Receive up to 66% in Employee Training Grants.

The Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG) is a Newfoundland government funding program that offers training grants to employers. Through the program, companies may receive non-repayable funding from the government to purchase third-party business training programs, including training for in-demand skillsets. Training is expected to improve the employability and value employees can provide; including new hires in these training sessions can also maximize your funding potential.

Learn more about the Canada Job Grant (CJG) and each provincial stream.

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Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG)

Amount of Funding

Non-repayable grant contributions of 66% of training costs (ie. course, exams, textbooks, software resources, etc.) up to a max limit of $10,000 per trainee.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG)

Eligible Applicants

To qualify for the Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG):

  • Employers must be a Newfoundland-based SME with $2M liability insurance.
  • Trainee must be a resident of Newfoundland, permanent Canadian citizen, or granted refugee status.
Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG)

Eligible Activities

CNJG grants offset up to 66% of eligible expenses for business training programs focused on advancing skills in areas such as communication, leadership, project management, technology, software, marketing, sales, safety, planning, and much more.

Newfoundland training grants will specifically cover the costs of:

  • Third-party trainer fees;
  • Tuition, student, and examination fees;
  • Textbooks and course materials; and
  • Training-related software.

While most training programs qualify for the Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG), applicants are most successful when applying for one of three training categories:

  • Career or Development Training: Enhancing the skills, knowledge, and ability of employees to support career advancement.
  • Maintenance and Refresher Skills Training: Updating and maintaining the skills, knowledge, and ability of specialists within an organization.
  • Essential Skills Training: Providing the skills needed for work, learning, and life. These are easily transferable skills employees can use to find a job and succeed in the workplace.

Programs Ineligible for CNJG Funding

There are two general types of training initiatives not supported through CNJG:

  • Internal Training: Training programs led by company managers or other employees. Training expenses covered through CNJG are predominantly used to cover the costs of training programs purchased from a third-party vendor.
  • Product Vendor Training: Training where the vendor is involved in the creation/sale of the product and is also conducting the training in how to use that particular product. Training on software or equipment must be performed by an external organization.

Ineligible Expenses

Training project costs that can not be claimed for CNJG funding include:

  • In-house training programs; and
  • Training programs performed outside of Newfoundland.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Canada-Newfoundland Job Grant (CNJG)

Program Deadline

  • Application packages are accepted year-round.
  • Employers should apply for funding in accordance with their expected training start date.
  • Training projects must start within 6 months receiving approval and must be completed within 12 months of the training start date.
Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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