Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program

Receive up to 70% of Total Eligible Costs.

The Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program will support and fund partners in developing short-cycle programs (4 to 16 weeks) that combine specialized technical training, general business training, and interpersonal skills development across key economic sectors.

Attention: This program is currently closed. You can speak with a member of our team about future intake periods or similar funding programs you may be eligible for, get email updates through our weekly newsletter, or look through our list of available funding programs in our directory page.

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Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program

Amount of Funding

Eligible applicants may access up to 70% of the total eligible costs.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program

Eligible Applicants

Canadian organizations that fall into one of the following categories can apply to receive program funding through Upskill Canada:

  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • For-profit organizations (only if they do not generate profits from the proposed program);
  • Organizations involved in the post-secondary education sector;
  • Private colleges and other private training institutions; and
  • Industry associations, and other business/sector associations.

Eligible Delivery Partners can be Training Provider, Industry and Business Associations, or Community Organization

Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program

Eligible Activities

Must have the six core components as identified by the program for a successful upskilling program:

  • Demand-Driven;
  • Rapidly Delivered;
  • Industry-Integrated;
  • Employer-Led;
  • Potential-Focused Recruitment; and
  • Job Placement Support.

Delivery partners can deliver programs in-person or virtually or a hybrid.

Eligible Cost Categories:

  • Labour and Salaries Costs;
  • Sub-Contractors/Consultants Costs;
  • Technological Equipment and Materials Costs;
  • Travel; and
  • Other Costs.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Palette Skills – Upskill Canada Program

Program Deadline

First Application Deadline: May 19th, 2023. The Application re-opens every 8 weeks until all funding has been allocated.

Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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