IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Receive up to $30,000 per Graduate in Grant Funding.

The IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP) was designed to assist funding of hiring young Canadian post-secondary graduates. Graduate can be applied to most areas from business development to technical to customer service/administration.

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IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Amount of Funding

The Youth Employment Program (YEP) supports the hiring of young talent by offsetting employment costs. The goal is to young Canadians get career skills, find good jobs, and remain employed. YEP provides up to $30,000 per graduate for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Eligible Applicants

Successful business applicants will be:

  • Incorporated and financially stable;
  • A Canadian business with under 500 employees;
  • Willing to partner with NRC IRAP; and
  • Responsible for finding graduates before applying.

Successful youth applicants will be:

  • A post-secondary graduate;
  • Candidates must be between 15-30 years old;
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada; and
  • A first-time participant in the YEP program.
Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Eligible Activities

This program focuses on affording recent post-secondary graduates the opportunity to work on technical opportunities in the firm and on non-technical but technology related projects such as:

  • Research and Development;
  • Market analysis for new technology-based products;
  • Business development related to science and technology activities;
  • Multi-media;
  • Improvement of customer services; and
  • Engineering.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

IRAP Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Program Timeline

The following program timeline variables may apply:

  • One graduate may apply for a six-12 month period; and
  • The candidate(s) should be kept off payroll until your IRAP representative has approved your application.
Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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