Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program

Receive up to $48,000 in Farm Technology Funding.

A key objective of the Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program is to encourage farmers to adopt innovative technologies that minimize agricultural waste, maximize farm efficiency, and ensure farm security. As a result of the program, primary producers will be able to better anticipate and manage risks, reduce environmental impacts, and protect their farms at the same time.

To view more programs offered by the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP), visit our SCAP overview page.

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Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program

Amount of Funding

Access 50% up to maximum of $48,000 for eligible farm technology expenses, and up to 50% up to max, of $2,000 for eligible farm security expenses.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a Primary Producer;
  • Be responsible for input costs for a crop, bee, or livestock operation in Alberta that produces at least $25K worth of farm commodities annually;
  • Must carry out the eligible project activities in Alberta;
  • Not be a landlord whose only interest in a crop, bee, or livestock operation is ownership of the land;

Also, applicants must either:

  • Have a valid and current EFP certificate or completion letter; or
  • Indicate to the Minister that the Applicant intends to obtain an EFP certificate or completion letter before the end of the project term.
Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities must consist of either:

  • The purchase of equipment, refer to Funding List; or
  • Any other activity related to farm technology that the applicant establishes, to the Minister’s satisfaction, to be technologically innovative, and the uses technology that is commercially available and successfully demonstrated to work in Alberta.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Alberta – SCAP – Farm Technology Program

Program Deadline

The Program is currently accepting application and approvals are granted on a case-by-case basis. Expenses incurred on and after April 1, 2023 are eligible.

Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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