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How to Qualify for Product Demonstration Program (PDP) Grants Alberta

Alberta Innovates’ Product Demonstration Program (PDP) funds cooperative prototype demonstration activities between two or more businesses. It helps innovators overcome the commercialization gap by working directly with an interested buyer or distributor of the technology to showcase, test, and verify its performance in an operational setting.
The Product Demonstration Program awards

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Alberta Innovates Product Demonstration Program FAQs

The Alberta Innovates Product Demonstration Program (PDP) is a government funding program for Alberta-based technology developers that have commercialization-ready technologies. Through the program, companies may receive funding to offset a portion of costs related to showcasing the performance, methodology, and/or features of an innovative product.
Alberta Innovates PDP funding will support

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Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOP) Collaborative Research Funding

Please Note: This program has been discontinued. Please consider other Research & Development Funding for government incentives towards your innovation activities.
Complex innovation challenges can pose a significant challenge for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). However, when companies collaborate with each other and research institutions, it’s possible to achieve far greater

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Alberta Innovates: Research Funding for Innovative Technologies

Alberta Innovates is a collection of Alberta small business grants and vouchers designed to support the research and development of advanced technologies. These programs provide a dynamic solution for businesses struggling with internal technical challenges.

These research funding programs provide small business grants and loans to enhance and accelerate innovative technology-focused

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