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Canada Small Business Financing Program: Loans for Business Growth

Small business owners frequently face challenges when scaling their operations. With limited cash flow, most seek financial support for growth projects through banks. However, business owners are often rejected for loans and other financial products because they’re deemed a high-risk borrower. As a result, their business stays small and unable

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New Funds Available for Small Businesses

Recently, the Canadian Government announced several changes to the Canadian Small Business Financing Program to make it easier for small business to access funding through the program. The biggest change is that eligible companies can have up to $10M in annual revenues, up from the previous $5M. This program helps

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Canada Small Business Financing Program – Business Loan

Small businesses in Canada searching for a new channel of loan funding should consider Industry Canada’s Small Business Financing Program. This program helps companies finance improvements and expansion efforts by increasing loan availability across Canada.
Is Your Company Eligible for this Government Funding?
All Canadian for-profit small businesses with revenue up to

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