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New Deadlines: Canadian International Innovation Program

Canadian companies are some of the most innovative in the world. But when it comes to developing and commercializing ideas into globally competitive technologies, firms are struggling to keep up. It’s not the lack of viable ideas that holds us back, but the ability to advance these ideas into profitable,

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How to Qualify for the Canadian International Innovation Program

The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) is a research and development funding program that incentivizes global commercialization partnerships. Through the program, Canadian businesses can find international innovators to help further develop and commercialize technologies. Funding offsets a portion of eligible costs associated with technology adaptation, validation, and co-development projects.
CIIP research and

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New Ontario Clean Technology Incentives for Business

New details have been released regarding the Government of Ontario’s commitment to green energy grants and incentives for business. The low-carbon economy that is being proposed by Ontario’s government will seek to raise funds from a variety of carbon-emitting activities and reinvest those funds into the economy by supporting clean

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