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Client Spotlight: Brotech Precision CNC (Barrie, Ontario)

Brotech provides machining excellence to many industries including nuclear power, alternative energy, aerospace, and defense. Their ability to manufacture specialized parts which are included in some of the most advanced technologies today make them stand out as an industry leader. Naturally, when the Barrie, Ontario company became aware of Mentor

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Top Manufacturing Canadian Small Business Grants for ERP Implementation/Customization

Cambridge, Ontario (February 28, 2013) Canadian manufacturing organizations have embraced workflow and resource management software to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize productivity across their company structure. However, implementing, customizing, and upgrading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be very resource intensive, both in terms of human and financial resources.

SME’s across Canada can

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IRAP Canadian Business Grants Expected to Release in April 2013

IRAP (Industrial Assistance Research Program) provides customized innovation and business funding grants particular to your business needs. Companies that in interested in the possibilities of  government funding for business through IRAP should contact their local IRAP Industrial Technology Assistant (ITA).

Although nothing has been officially announced in terms of IRAP small

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Canadian Government Funding for Business – IRAP ARP

The National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) has been one of the most prolific Canadian Government Funding Organizations with regards to their support of technological innovations within Canada’s Industries. As mentioned in our previous articles on the Changes to the 2012 Federal Budget; IRAP has been given approximately

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Ontario Business Grants for Capital Equipment and Outside Consulting

Canadian business grants for productivity enhancements and outside consulting are becoming increasingly popular with Ontario SMEs. These types of small business funding grants are especially useful for those in need of capital equipment or market expansion funding. There are several opportunities to receive Grant Funding for Small Business Expansion; however,

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Upcoming Grants for Small Business in Ontario

April appears to be a busy month for those who are looking to receive one of the soon to be released Canadian business funding grants. The federal and provincial governments begin their release of several Government Funding Grants for Small Business in April of every year. The end of the

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Grant Funding for Business – IRAP Digital Technology Adoption Program (DTAPP)

Please Note: IRAP’s DTAPP Program is currently not accepting applications. For more Canadian government funding programs to support technology adoption, browse technology & capital adoption grants and loans.
Within the DTAPP Government Grant Update, this program promotes the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian SME’s through the development of relationships between

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