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IESO Conservation Fund: Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants

Energy conservation activities have long been linked to environmentalism, but the shifting economics of energy use, especially in Ontario, has led to many businesses “going green.” There is now a financial case to be made for investing in energy-efficient technologies; higher energy rates and increased global competitiveness are putting pressure

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Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation Eligibility Criteria

Natural Resources Canada (NRC)’s Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is a federal funding program designed to help manufacturers improve their energy efficiency. The initiative awards Canadian small business grants to support projects that develop and implement industrial energy conservation practices and processes.

CIPEC provides industrial manufacturers with up to

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CIPEC: Receive Grants to Support ISO 50001 Certification Costs

Improving energy performance is an objective of many Canadian manufacturers in 2017. Not only are energy-efficient facilities more environmentally sustainable, but they also provide a significant reduction in overall energy costs. To become more energy efficient, industrial energy users are developing and implementing energy conservation programs. Fortunately, these types of

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How to Use “Save on Energy” Business Electricity Rebates

The Save on Energy program is an energy efficiency and conservation program provided through the Government of Ontario and the province’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Programs offered through the Save on Energy program support both businesses and homeowners, however, few businesses are aware of the range of incentives available.


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