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How to Leverage Training for a Successful ERP Implementation

The relationship between training and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is often understated. With implementations, the understanding usually lies with the consultant as they guide you through the process.
There is an inherent learning experience that is happening. The question is, is that all you need to learn the platform?

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[Webinar August 22] SME Manufacturers’ Government Funding Options for ERP

Canadian SME manufacturers strive to scale profitably while coping with global economic shifts, trade rules, and constantly morphing competition. A common obstacle to profitable growth is inefficiency caused by error-prone data entry, paper-based tracking, inaccurate inventory, quality challenges, and unnecessary waste.
The situation is compounded by multiple combinations of disconnected or

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[EVENT] June 20: Epicor ERP and Government Funding Seminar

New challenges arise every day when organizations grow at a rapid pace. With the right information, these challenges can be turned into opportunities; however, in normal business conditions, such opportunities may be hidden due to a lack of visibility or transparency in business processes. This is where enterprise resource planning

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