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What is Virtual Reality and How Can Canadian Firms Develop It?

Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive experience that enables users to interact within a simulated, computer-generated environment. Although it has long been considered a work of science fiction, virtual reality is now more realistic and has practical, valuable uses. Most modern virtual reality systems incorporate the use of head-mounted displays

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Digital Link Ontario: Hiring Grants for Recent Post-Secondary Grads

With the rapid growth of evolving industries such as information and communications technology (ICT), the need for digital skills has created demand for an estimated 216,000 additional technology workers by 2021. Companies need skilled personnel who can fulfill specific tech positions and develop and use these technologies in innovative ways.

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TechPlace Burlington: Scale-Up Resources for Tech Innovators

According to Fortune, 90% of startups fail. This is particularly true in the technology industry where limited working capital and lack of access to crucial business resources (space, talent, mentorship) can cause significant problems. Although the odds are stacked against these innovative new businesses, accessing support networks can substantially improve

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Webinar: Funding to Develop World-Class Tech Talent (March 20)

Targeted training programs are one of the most effective ways for technology companies to scale operations quickly and efficiently. By providing managers and employees with training, companies can develop new products and services to improve their competitive position. But despite the clear benefits of skills development in the technology industry,

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Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program: Qualify for Growth Coach Funding

Please Note: The Scale-Up Vouchers Program is closed and no longer accepts applications. Please explore more business expansion funding opportunities.
The Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program was created to offer small business funding support to high-growth businesses in order to fuel further growth and scalability. The goal of the program is to

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NSERC Engage Grants Support Research Projects at Dalhousie University

NSERC Engage is a collaborative research and development program where businesses may access university researchers to help solve an innovative technological problem. Recently, 10 NSERC Engage partnerships were formed between Canadian companies and Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Computer Science.

In addition to helping businesses find academic partners to help conduct R&D

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Fierce Founders Accelerator Supports Women Tech Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are becoming an increasingly powerful and vocal group of influencers within Canada’s business community. A growing number of women are becoming entrepreneurs – 950,000 women were self-employed as of 2012, accounting for nearly 36% of all entrepreneurs in Canada.

Still, two main challenges face women who are starting and

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