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Budget 2016 and its Impact on the Future of Government Funding

Editor’s Note: Details of the Canada Summer Jobs program are subject to change at any time; details on this page were accurate as of the posting date. To learn about current program details, please contact Mentor Works or visit canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/funding/youth-summer-job.
The first budget tabled by a new Canadian federal government always presents

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Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF): Government Funding for R&D

The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) is a government funding for research and development loan program dispersed through Industry Canada, focused on supporting Canadian businesses that help advance Canada’s capabilities in fuel-efficient automotive technologies while reducing greenhouse gases.
Automotive Innovation Fund Canadian Government Funding for R&D: Background Information
The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF)

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IRAP Supports Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP)

Please Note: The IRAP DTAPP program is no longer available, however, other Canadian government grants may still be applicable to your project. Please contact a Government Funding Planner to evaluate current funding opportunities.

Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy serves to raise awareness of the importance of seeking productivity improvements by adopting technology.

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Top 6 Hiring Grants for Canadian Businesses

Any company would agree that their employees are the key to business success. A great workforce can save a struggling company and carry it to the forefront of the industry. However, human resource activities aren’t cheap. Large corporations can afford to allocate significant budgets to the hiring process, however most

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