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HootSuite: Maximize Your Social Media Efforts

Marketing has shifted from a one-way communication effort from marketing firms, towards a seamless conversation between the company and its target market. Social media has made marketing a fluid, transparent public relations effort that should not be ignored. However, there are many social media platforms available and businesses find it

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5 Online Marketing Activities for Businesses on a Budget

Traditional marketing efforts have demanded high expenses and time requirements – two large barriers to entry for small businesses with limited budgets. But consumers are becoming less convinced by these traditional marketing techniques. Television commercials that would have worked well 15 years ago just aren’t having the same effect today.

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Are You Handling Your Social Media Efficiently?

As online marketing continues to sweep the social media world like wildfire, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore its importance in business. Large companies are starting to create entire departments dedicated to managing their online presence. It’s not hard to believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs can fall into

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