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Mentor Works Canadian Government Funding and Business Consulting ServicesFor over a decade, Mentor Works Ltd. has been a critical factor in helping businesses identify and leverage growth opportunities. Through our professional business consulting and Canadian government funding support services, we can help you develop and manage a plan for success. We work with you to understand your strategic direction, then propose ways we can help you achieve your growth goals.

We work with hundreds of growth-oriented companies each year to enable their strategic plans and drive greater productivity, innovation, and exports.

We prioritize established, mature businesses when helping access Canadian government funding programs, but work with a wide range of early-stage, established, and mature businesses when it comes to other consulting services. Because startups and early-stage businesses are not well-positioned to access government grants and loans, we tend to focus on helping create a strategic growth plan that helps these businesses become funding-eligible. Mature businesses have the greatest government funding potential, which enables us to create and leverage a government funding plan. Regardless of your company’s current size and management capacity, we’re here to help.

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Government Funding Business Planning

Our Solutions: Business Consulting and Canadian Government Funding

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Mentor Works Ltd. has established itself as a leader in helping Canadian businesses access government grants and loans. This is our core competency; each year we help hundreds of businesses access government funding. In 2018 we helped companies access over $88 million in government incentives while maintaining an industry-leading 95% success rate on applications. Our team is devoted to continuous research of government funding programs and has established a database of the 75+ best government grants and loans for Canadian businesses to use.
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Working with a diverse range of businesses, we’ve also developed internal processes that can help you navigate many growth barriers. Our team of Project Managers and Business Analysts are equipped to support your company with unmatched support for business plans, marketing plans, export plans, requests for proposals, and software implementations. Having worked with thousands of businesses during the company’s history, we’ve supported and managed a variety of strategic projects and can do the same with your firm.
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Mentor Works’ Canadian Government Funding Services

You know Canadian government funding programs are available to businesses; you might’ve even applied for grants and loans in the past. While it’s possible to navigate the government funding process independently, there are likely many opportunities you’re missing out on because of how vast the government funding landscape is. Funding programs are available federally, provincially, and territorially, each with their own unique focus and expectations for applicants. Maintaining an in-depth understanding of these incentives, when they accept applications, and what they look for in applications can be incredibly difficult for most businesses.

Seeking support from Mentor Works’ team of Canadian Government Funding Planners™ is a great way to ensure your organization is aware of all the funding opportunities available to support your strategic plan.

We take care of the funding research, writing and editing, and (depending on the program) submission and follow-up reporting to minimize your time commitment to the process. Our team of Project Managers and application writers have the experience to match your projects and expenses to the best funding program possible, then communicate your project’s value in a way that speaks directly to government reviewers.

We generally speak about business funding programs as they relate to four areas of business’ growth and success. These include funding for:

  • Business Expansion and Exporting
  • Capital and Technology Adoption

  • Employee Hiring and Training
  • Research and Development

How We Help

Looking for more information on how we can help you with government funding programs? We offer the following government funding services:

Canadian Government Funding Plan for Grants and Loans Government Funding Planning
Supporting business’ investment and growth plans by identifying funding to maximize ROI, either on an application-by-application basis or as part of a long-term relationship.
Export Planning and Market Entry Strategies Services Business Funding Coaching
Working directly with our team to improve funding outcomes and support communications throughout the application and follow-up process.
Export Planning and Execution Support Funding Project Management
Helping businesses identify the stakeholders to develop a project plan to ensure it will be successfully managed before, during, and after application submission.

Who We Serve

Mentor Works helps businesses across Canada; our reach is only limited by the eligibility factors of available loan and grant funding for business activities. Most government small business grants and repayable funding require businesses to be:

  • Incorporated in Canada for at least 3 years;
  • 5 or more payroll employees;
  • At least $500,000 in annual revenues;

  • Add value to the supply chain via internal manufacturing or research and development activities; and
  • Not an exclusive retailer or distributor.

Canadian Business Funding Resources

Are you interested in learning more about Canadian government funding? We have several free resources to guide your search, including:

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Mentor Works’ Canadian Business Consulting Services

Whether your business is large or small, there are always opportunities to grow and become more profitable. Understanding your business’ trajectory and establishing projects to achieve goals is essential to success, but it can be difficult to do without the experience or resources. Maintaining a business plan and/or export plan, providing or responding to requests for proposals (RFPs), implementing software platforms, and demonstrating exceptional marketing and sales strategies are areas all businesses should consider when evaluating its strategic direction and organizational health.

Seeking support from Mentor Works’ business planning and consulting team is a great way to ensure your organization has a sound growth strategy and tangible resources to back it up.

We’ll work with your management team to understand your business’ core competencies, value proposition, and strategic needs. From this starting point, we identify one or more projects that could help your business become more successful, then provide a roadmap for how those projects could be completed. Through our consulting services, we assist your firm to implement solutions that drive growth and address your weaknesses, resulting in you being more self-sufficient and confident in your abilities.

How We Help

Looking for more information on how we can help your business? We offer the following consulting services:

Business Plan Development Services Business Plan Development
For new companies and established firms without the expertise to confidently develop a business plan, support services can improve quality and reduce the time needed to achieve great results.
Export Planning and Export Market Entry Strategies Development Export Plan Development
Effective pre-entry planning can help avoid many of the pitfalls businesses encounter when exporting and can help your business be more resilient to shifts in the international business landscape.
Request for Proposal Support Services Request for Proposal (RFP) Management and Fulfillment
The RFP process is a competitive way to solicit and/or provide proposals for work contracts. It’s commonly used by the government to procure solutions or gather quotes, and companies also develop RFPs for projects where vendors/suppliers are needed.
Software Implementation
Includes advisory services and expertise to ensure you choose the right system, systemize your processes, automate repeatable processes, and gain insight into the key elements of your business.
Request for Proposals Content Library Marketing/Sales Strategy and Creative Development
Marketing and sales processes define how customers interpret your value. Ensure your organization gives the right impression to leads and nurtures them through the sales process effectively.

Canadian Business Consulting Resources

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Posted: April 23, 2011. Updated: April 29, 2019.