Strategic Planning with Canadian Government Funding

To help Canadian businesses improve their investments and strategic planning, our team partners with our clients to identify cash flow planning strategies. Many businesses are unaware of the range of Canadian government grants and loans available to them or how to effectively align projects with funding programs to optimize their investment.

Our team have extensive experience in managing projects and can help a business with cash flow planning and investment strategy. Our team is able to optimize the timing and pace of projects to maximize Canadian government funding potential and to minimize the potential negative impacts of concurrent projects on a business.

Creating Business Growth Strategies through Business Finance

The flagship product that clients appreciate is the research knowledge and technical expertise of how to locate, apply and build strategic plans to receive Canadian government funding and low-interest business loans. This consulting approach separates our business strategic planning services from others in the consulting services arena and has been widely accepted by SME’s, government services, and regional service groups.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs, American Businessman & Technology Visionary

With the purpose to boost an organization’s overall engagement and productivity, Mentor Works is positioned as a strong financial planner with a solid focus on removing barriers to growth and understanding the importance of cash flow planning.

Our strategy planning sessions focus on business finance, cash flow planning, project planning, and strategic business investment. Our team has expert knowledge of Canadian government funding and government grants for small business to help our clients improve planning and realize growth goals.

Pricing and Packages

Strategic planning services are offered as part of our Canadian government grant application services. Our team meet with you at your facility or via teleconference for an initial consultation, and continued strategy sessions throughout the application process. We support businesses across Canada with a focus on Manufacturing, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and Agricultural businesses. For more information on our Canadian government grants application services pricing, please visit our Pricing & Packages Page.

Understanding the Process:Canadian government funding through the business funding cycle

Part of our role as Canadian government grants and small business grants experts is to inform our clients of the variety of programs available to support their business. Many businesses are aware of some of the programs out there but do know realize the range of programs that are available to support different investments. When you engage Mentor Works, you are engaging a team of expert professionals to provide strategic planning, cash flow planning, project management, and strategic communications consultation. Depending on the program, the Canadian government grant application process can be quite involved and our team is here to support you throughout the process from start to finish.

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