Request for Proposal (RFP) Management Services

Soliciting proposals from vendors to support projects can be a time-consuming process. The Request for Proposal (RFP) document is critical to determining the quantity and quality of proposals you’ll receive.

Mentor Works can help you develop a clear, concise, and effective RFP that will facilitate your vendor sourcing process.

We provide varying levels of support from RFP development through to full turnkey management of the entire process, including proposal review, vendor shortlisting, and selection support.

RFP DevelopmentDevelopment of a clear and concise RFP that will attract appropriate vendors to your project. Reduction of clutter for non-competitive submissions with a detailed RFP that will help bring more serious vendors to the table.

RFP Evaluation Criteria Development: Help identify and measure key criteria that will allow you to objectively rank vendors.

RFP Proposal Review: Review and feedback of proposals based on mutually developed evaluation criteria that will provide with an objective analysis and ranking of all proposals.

Vendor Shortlisting: Inspect all proposals, provide you with our detailed ranking, and provide you with a shortlist of vendors to help you reduce the time it takes to vet out and select a vendor for a project.

Vendor Selection Support: Our team can provide selection supports that include requests for and review of additional details, interview vendors, complete due diligence (reference checks, previous project experience, etc.), and final selection recommendations.

Time Savings & Improved Outcomes

Our team of Project Managers and Analysts will help you better manage your RFP process to maximize your return with minimal resources from your company. No matter your need, our team can work with you to optimize your process and improve your outcomes. Whether it’s getting one RFP online and attracting the right vendors, or helping develop and manage an on-going RFP process we’re there to help.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Fulfillment Services

Request for Proposal (RFP) are a universal standard for sourcing vendors and suppliers. For some organizations, such as the Canadian and U.S. Governments, it’s the only way to do business.

To be considered for a contract you need to develop a comprehensive and competitive proposal that exceeds criteria.

Our team can help you manage this process: we can develop a single competitive RFP or help you manage on-going RFPs, develop a content library, and monitor for bids and tenders that may fit.

Proposal Development
Manage the development of stand-alone proposals and development of an entire bid package.

Bid/Tender Submission Management
Oversee proposal development, document collection, requests for additional information/questions, submission, and follow up process.

Content Library Development
Develop a content library for ease of future submissions and proposal development.

On-Going Management
Turn-key management of proposal development, support continual submissions and track for additional bids that may be of interest.

Why Mentor Works?

Mentor Works has over a decade’s worth of experience in supporting business growth in Canada. We know what it takes to deliver on complex projects, and as a result we can help you develop RFPs that will attract serious and competitive vendors. Most importantly our team will help you save time. On average, our projects provide our clients a 90% time savings. Let us manage the process and get it done efficiently. We’re agile and can customize our approach to meet your needs.

Our Approach:

Plan: We partner with your firm to understand your needs, the project need, your requirements, and outline a path to getting your RFP online ASAP.

Build: Our team will develop a customized RFP and manage the process for you. We’ll review the RFP with you at every step to ensure it meets your needs and accurately represents the project and vendor requirements.

Enable: By the end of the engagement your team will be able to lead the process internally. You’ll be ready to manage the RFP process, finalize your vendor selection, and get your project underway.

Get Started

Contact our team today to get started on developing your RFP. We’ll begin with an assessment to determine your needs and develop a custom solution to fit. Our team will then begin work to help you get your vendors selected efficiently.