Mitacs Accelerate pairs businesses with Masters, PhD and PDF interns to overcome innovation challenges. Interns complete research and develop tools, models, technology or solutions to support the host business’ challenges.

  • Amount: Matching funds from Mitacs up to $7,500 per 4-6 month internship unit. Cluster stream available for additional funding support if the business leverages 6+ internship periods from 3+ interns. Funding includes intern stipend and research costs.
  • Timeline: Continuous intake of applications. Projects can last between four months and two years (Masters students) or up to three years for PhDs and Post Doctoral Fellows. Companies retain the same grad student for the project’s duration.
  • Eligibility: Incorporated, for-profit businesses and select non-profits within Canada. All industries and sectors supported; preference is given to innovative research and development projects.

Top Mitacs Accelerate Resources

  • Overview Blog: Learn more about the Mitacs Accelerate funding program for hiring graduate students.