Government Funding

Qualify for Ontario Trillium Foundation Grants for Non-Profits

Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is a provincial agency who works at arm’s-length from the provincial government to administer non-profit funding programs. For over 30 years OTF has provided a critical source of funding for non-profits, branches of charities, and aboriginal organizations to plan and execute community-based initiatives.

Most non-profit grants provided

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Greenbelt Fund Local Food Investment Fund Grants: Apply by September 12, 2016

Ontario’s dynamic agriculture industry continues to grow and diversify thanks to key investments from federal, provincial, and local sources. Canadian government funding programs, in addition to advocacy initiatives for local food consumption, have helped agricultural producers and processors increase revenues and introduce new products and services. This approach has been

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Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Enters New Fiscal Year

The Government of Canada is constantly seeking new innovative technologies to improve the function of government. Since 2012, the federal government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) has provided a first-procurement program that enables Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs to test and sell their innovative pre-commercial technologies to the government. This

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NSERC CRD Large-Scale Research and Development Grants

The Canadian government is calling on businesses to develop a greater sense of innovation and increase their research and development spending. Despite the growth of many innovative industries across the country, Canada remains second to last place among G7 member countries when it comes to research and development investment. This

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