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FedDev Ontario Community Economic Development & Diversification Program (CEDD)

Administered by FedDev Ontario, the FedDev Ontario Community Economic Development and Diversification Program (CEDD) program aims to create sustainable economic growth in small and rural communities in southern Ontario. Applicants can be businesses or not-for-profit organizations who are working to diversify and transform their local economies.
CEDD For-Profit Stream

Amount: Up

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BioConnect Awarded Close to $4M from FedDev Ontario

BioConnect, an Ontario biometrics company, has received millions of dollars in funding from the Federal Development Agency of Ontario through the agency’s Business Scale-Up & Productivity Program (BSP). The funding will support multiple expansion projects at BioConnect, including commercializing new biometric technology and growing in new export markets.

Founded in 2010,

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FedDev Ontario Funding: Nearly $6.3M Awarded to Bioenterprise

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) recently announced nearly $6.3M in funding to create a new network that will help agri-businesses scale up.
The funding was awarded to Bioenterprise Corporation, a national, non-profit commercialization accelerator that supports the growth of Canada’s agri-tech industries.
Bioenterprise assists businesses at

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FedDev Ontario Awards $615k for First Responder Mobile Technology

Based in Ottawa, ON, Advance Property eXposure Canada Inc. (APX) is a software company that develops mobile technology solutions to address infrastructure requirements in cities. Their CityScape Pre-Incident Planning Software is a mobile solution that creates real-time, easy-to-use interactive pre-incident plans and fire inspections for personnel in emergency services, helping

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FedDev Ontario Regional Innovation Ecosystem (RIE)

The Regional Innovation Ecosystem (RIE) program funds a wide range of projects that develop industry clusters and consortia, build ecosystem capacity, and support business growth, competitiveness, and innovation. Administered by multiple Canadian Regional Development Agencies (RDA’s), this page focuses on the stream from FedDev Ontario. The program provides new collaboration

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FedDev Ontario Funding: Up to $882,000 for Daisy Intelligence

Daisy Intelligence is a Vaughan, Ontario-based data analytics firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses understand complex problems and make smarter operational decisions. Earlier this year, Daisy was announced as a recipient of the recently launched FedDev Ontario Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program. Daisy will use this

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