June 23: Microsoft Round Table Food Forum – Managing Change in the Food and Beverage Industry

Canadian Government Grant Funding

The food and beverage industry is evolving, and Microsoft wants to make sure that Canadian small businesses are not left behind in the shift. On June 23, 2015, Microsoft and Dynamics Foodware will be holding a round table forum at Microsoft’s head offices which brings together business executives and industry leaders to discuss everything you need to know in order to align your strategic direction with current and future business trends. New opportunities exist as new consumer tastes are emerging, and your business needs to be aware of changes in the industry so that you can provide innovative products that are in high demand.

Event Topics will include:

  • Getting Ready for Change (Best Practice Approach)
  • Optimizing plant floor and distribution operations to meet the new demands
  • Meeting track, trace and compliance requirements (CFIA,SQF, BRC, HACCP)
  • Cost control, monitoring, and reporting
  • Customer and Sales Management
  • Small Business Funding and Grants

Round Table Food Forum Featured Speakers

Alexandra (Alex) Barlow, Mentor Works Ltd.
Alex will be a member of this round table and would like to inform you about all of the Canadian government grants and loans available that can help your business lead through change. Training and hiring, export expansion, and research and development are just some of the high-potential areas that may receive funding. Let Alex discuss the effects funding makes on organizations, and how you individually could benefit from Canadian government grant funding programs.

Jon Collis, Protenergy Natural Foods (TreeHouse Foods Ltd.)
Protenergy Natural Foods Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality natural food and beverage products. The technologically advanced innovative company is centrally located in the Greater Toronto area and provides product development expertise. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables customers to receive products of the highest quality.

Arthur Pidgeon, Negenit
Working with the food industry Negenit specializes in delivering breakthrough business transformation solutions to help companies map business and operational processes, manage change, improve operations, reduce cost and protect their staff, IP and customer base during times of change.

Registration for June’s Round Table Food Forum

Location: Microsoft Canada – 1950 Meadowvale Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5N 8L9
 June 23, 2015
 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Note: This is an interactive small event; seating is limited to 20.

Find Canadian Government Grant Funding for Small Business

If you are not able to attend this event and wish to explore how small business grants can help to strengthen and grow your business, contact Mentor Works to identify Canadian government funding streams that you’re qualified for.

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