Discover Canadian Government Grant Funding – Events in June 2015

Canadian Government Grant Funding

Mentor Works has been hard at work over the last month to help connect small businesses with Canadian government grant funding opportunities. In an ongoing effort to be as accessible to you, we are pleased to offer a variety of small business funding workshops and webinars that provide specific details for Ontario small business grants and other funding opportunities that can assist your expansion. In addition to online education, Bernadeen McLeod and Alex Barlow will be making personal visits to local industry events in Ontario this June.

Meet with Bernadeen McLeod, Mentor Works’ Preseident and Founder

Funding Events Attended by Bernadeen:

Bernadeen will be attending a number of TEC Canada events throughout the month, including workshops in the Vaughan and Hamilton region on June 8, 23, and 24. If you’re a TEC Canada member, please be sure to connect with Bernadeen at one of this month’s events.

Bernadeen’s Speaking Engagements:

June 10: Dare to Compete Globally
Co-hosted with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), this event in Vaughan, Ontario will focus on growing businesses through export expansion and capital equipment adoption. Representatives from BDC will focus on continuous business development as a means to improve your agility, regardless of current financial standing. Bernadeen will discuss the importance of finding and leveraging the right mix of Canadian government grant funding for small businesses. Additional funds exist for companies who have international expansion initiatives, so if global growth is a strategic imperative for your firm, you won’t want to miss this event.

June 16: Expand in the USA
Bernadeen will be one of over 70 speakers to be in attendance for this conference. Are you interested in learning about strategies and financing to help your business expand into the United States market? This two-day event is an excellent opportunity to learn all that you need to know about the process. Bernadeen will be discussing Canadian government grant funding opportunities that are focused towards international expansion and business development.

June 18: Eagle’s Flight Workshop
Eagle’s Flight provides training services for enhanced skills, innovation, leadership, and other areas of professional development which are essential for your company. Many businesses understand the importance of training, but have difficulty finding the funds to do so. Bernadeen will inform those in attendance how to utilize Canadian government grants such as COJG which enable the payment of training expenses up to $10,000 per employee.

June 24: OAC Workshop
As recently seen in the Mentor Works blog, the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) will be holding the third installment of their “Show Me the Money” series with a unique look at funding opportunities available to Ontario small businesses. Bernadeen will be joined by representatives from EDC, FedDev Ontario, and BDC to provide a complete look at how to fund your aerospace company.

Meet with Alex Barlow, Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive

June 11: ISPE Event at Dalton Pharma
The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is the world’s largest NFP association and provides education through the identification and promotion of best practices for members and stakeholders. Likewise, Alex will be educating attendees of this event with knowledge of available funding with emphasis on manufacturers. Speak with her to learn how Ontario small business grants can improve your competitiveness and expand into new markets.

June 16: Food and Beverage Ontario Annual General Meeting
Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO) is a professional organization which represents food and beverage processors within the province. Supporting competition both locally and globally, FBO advocates for members of the processing community to achieve a dynamic and successful industry. Alex would like to engage with attendees to discuss the positive impact that Ontario government grants for small business can have, and the unique funding opportunities currently available.

June 23: FBO Round Table Food Forum
Food and Beverage Ontario is seeking to define and educate others on the rapid changes ongoing in the food and beverage industry. This round table panel discussion, hosted by Microsoft at their Canadian head office in Mississauga, will unite industry leaders and other executives to discuss common challenges, solutions, and recommendations based on best practices. Due to the format of this event, seating is limited to 20 attendees – make sure to register today!

Explore Other Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans

These events can be attended in person, however we also offer regular online webinars that can be attended from your home, office, or wherever else you may be. We provide several educational resources including our free small business funding newsletter and Comparing Funding Types Info Sheet. Want to get in touch with us? Feel free to contact Mentor Works with any questions you have about the funding process, or how we can find a mix of funding programs tailored for your Canadian small business.

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