BLOOM Water Innovation Forum: September 16 in Mississauga

Canadian government grants for water sustainability

The food and beverage industry across Ontario is rapidly changing and must adapt to handle many unique challenges. At the forefront of these challenges is water scarcity which will continue to become a larger problem for the sector in years and decades to come. BLOOM, an organization dedicated to managing risk and delivering economic, environmental and social sustainability, will be holding their 3rd annual Food and Beverage Water Innovation Forum in Mississauga, Ontario to address these issues. Of main focus this year will be shifting the mindset of water sustainability from an environmental issue to one of bottom-line value and increasing profitability for businesses.

2015 Water Sustainability & Innovation Forum Agenda Features

This year’s forum, will continue to explore water and water related issues which regularly challenge Ontario’s food and beverage industry. Participants will be part of a group of over 200 stakeholders and industry experts who will explore topics such as:

  • Building a Foundation for Practical Change;
  • Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative Solutions;
  • Balancing Competing Priorities of Local Economic Development, Asset Management and Water Infrastructure Optimization;
  • Realizing Bottom-Line Value through Water and Resource Optimization;
  • A Strategic Approach to Leverage Grant Funding;
  • And more!

BLOOM Water Innovation Forum Featured Speakers

Paul O’Callaghan – Founder and CEO, O2 Environmental
Paul has devoted much of his career to working with food and beverage sector companies. Now with more than 19 years working in the water sector, he strategically identifies opportunities to save, recover, and re-use waste heat and water. As CEO of O2 Environmental, a leading consultancy for global water technology opportunities, Paul has been widely recognized for supporting business development and providing market analysis.

Doug Alexander – Director of Engineering, Ippolito Fruit and Produce
Doug provides executive leadership at the Ippolito Group, a multi-unit business which operates dual 100,000 sq. foot food processing facilities in Canada and the United States. Also as the chair of the Agri-Food Management Institute and sitting on several agriculture and agri-food boards, Doug provides his knowledge which has been acquired over 29 years of managing food operations.

Norm Beal – CEO, Food and Beverage Ontario
Norm founded Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery over 15 years ago, which compounds his 20 years of experience in the oil industry as an International Oil Products Trader. His work experience is quite extensive, with roles at Shell Canada, Glencore International, Syncrude Canada, and British Petroleum. Norm has since raised over $14M to build a new local hospital for the Western Lincoln Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign and an additional $2.5M towards the construction of the Niagara West YMCA and $700,000 for local charities.

Alexandra (Alex) Barlow – Business Development Executive, Mentor Works Ltd.
Assisting a wide range of clients with their strategic initiatives, Alex Barlow provides her past experience in Canadian government grants administration and economic development to provide strategic advice to companies looking to leverage government funding. She actively assists organizations across Ontario to maximize their cash flow and enables businesses to pursue projects necessary for growth.

Tim Brook – Water Management Engineering Specialist, OMAFRA
As a Water Management Engineering Specialist with OMAFRA, Tim works with a variety of agriculture and food businesses, consultants, governments and government agencies, and conservation authorities to explore water management techniques. As a licensed engineer in Ontario and Michigan, some of his current areas of expertise involve wastewater treatment and disposal, water quality, and irrigation practices.

Register for BLOOM Water Sustainability Forum 2015

When: September 16, 2015; 8:00am – 4:30pm
Mississauga Convention Centre; 75 Derry Road West, Mississauga, Ontario
$125 per person

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Canadian Government Funding Events for Food and Beverage Industry

Canadian food and beverage processors are highly encouraged to attend this event to learn about current and future trends associated to that specific industry. However, due to the timing of the event, not all businesses will be able to attend. To learn about Ontario government grants available for environmental sustainability and other projects, register for one of Mentor Works’ free government funding workshops where we’ll guide you through the process of finding government grants for your small business. You can also contact us at any time and we’d be happy to further discuss any inquiries you may have.

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