Canadian Government Funding for Manufacturers: Nov. 20 Event in Barrie

Canadian government funding for Barrie Manufacturers

Canadian manufacturers have a variety of financing methods to help them grow their business and increase productivity. Canadian government grants, loans, and tax incentives all provide benefits to Canadian manufacturers which helps them to strengthen operations and become more competitive globally. However, just 16% of manufacturers will be using government funding programs this year, according to PLANT magazine’s Manufacturer’s Outlook 2015 publication. Only 47% of Canadian manufacturers have a comprehensive tax strategy, and far fewer have strategies in place which review the utility of Canadian government grants and loans. Manufacturing businesses within Ontario need to leverage these funding programs more to grow and enable a more competitive future. The November 20 Canadian Government Grants and Tax Incentives Workshop in Barrie, Ontario will dive into the top funding for businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Accessing Grant and Tax Incentives Funding for Manufacturers Workshop

On November 20, Ontario manufacturers will have the opportunity to learn about Canadian government funding programs and incorporate them as part of an overall business financing strategy. Participants will be able to learn a variety of programs, tools, and strategic planning tips from Grant Thornton LLP, The City of Barrie, and Mentor Works. This workshop will reveal which government funding programs are available to Ontario manufacturers, how much businesses can receive by using the programs, eligibility requirements, and tips for receiving maximum amounts on tax claims. If you’re a manufacturer that operates in the Barrie, Ontario area, you won’t want to miss this essential productivity-boosting event.

Canadian Government Grants and Tax Incentives Workshop Speaker Profiles

Stephanie Schlichter – City of Barrie
As an Economic Development Officer for Barrie, Stephanie provides more than a decade of experience from consulting with small business owners to develop comprehensive business support services. Stephanie is a Manager for the Greater Barrie Business Enterprise Centre and an active participant on the Georgian College Business and Entrepreneurship Advisory Boards.

Rob D’Amico – Grant Thornton
As a Senior Manager in Tax Services with Grant Thornton, Rob brings over 20 years of knowledge about incentive tax services including opportunity assessments, system installation and training, claim preparation and review, in addition to audit support expertise. Having worked with a broad range of companies, Rob is a leader in Canadian business services and can assist your manufacturing business to become more competitive.

Bill Surphlis – Grant Thornton
William (Bill) Surphlis is a Productivity Improvement specialist at Grant Thornton. His vast knowledge of Canadian industries, coupled with his specialization in lean and six sigma production, margin management, and management development, have made Bill an often-requested source of knowledge. Discover projects that will increase your productivity and improve the profitability of your manufacturing business.

Bernadeen McLeod – Mentor Works
Bernadeen McLeod is President and Founder of Mentor Works Ltd. As a coach and mentor for Canadian small businesses, she assists companies to find and receive Canadian government grants and loans. Through consultation and writing services, Bernadeen has assisted Canadian manufacturers to become more productive, innovative, begin exporting, and increase revenue. Learn as she teaches the workshop about unique small business funding programs available to Ontario manufacturers.

Zvi Lifshiz – Invest Barrie
Zvi has developed strategic investment plans and worked with several business leaders, government entities, and other business influencers through his previous role as Vice President of Business Development & Investment Services with Invest Toronto. Now as the Executive Director with Invest Barrie, Zvi draws on his experience to further develop the City of Barrie’s strategic economic portfolio. Learn from his best-practice approach on strategy, leadership, economic development, and investment attraction.

Register for the Government Funding and Tax Incentives Workshop for Manufacturers

When: Friday November 20, 2015; 7:30am-11:00am
Barrie Golf & Country Club; 635 St Vincent St N, Barrie, L4M 4V1
Complimentary hot breakfast will be included at event.

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Resources and Small Business Grants for Canadian Manufacturers

Canadian manufacturing companies have a significant collection of Canadian government grants and loans which they can use to increase productivity, become more innovative, and hire/train employees. To find out more about government business grants, search Mentor Works’ complete list of government grants for small business. If you would like to discuss any of these programs in greater depth, contact Mentor Works and a member of our Canadian Government Funding Experts team will assist your inquiry. Need help to determine your next steps before applying for funding? View our government funding checklist to ensure you’re ready to maximize the potential of grants and loans for your business.

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